How to Install Open-audIT on CentOS 6 / 7

Managing your IT infrastructure is always been a hard job if you are not taking advantage of free and Open Source network discovery, inventory and auditing application like Open-audit. It actually tell you exactly what is on your network, how it is configured and when it changes. So, we say that Open-AudIT is a database […]

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How to Install Ajenti with Nginx and SSL on FreeBSD 10.2

Ajenti is open source web based system management tools, control panel for your server based on python. Support for many distro like Ubuntu, CentOS, Debian and Unix FreeBSD. Ajenti coded with python, it is lightweight control panel with beautiful interface. It is allow you to manage your services on your server, manage apache, cron jobs, […]

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How to Setup MEAN.IO Stack on Ubuntu 15.04 / CentOS 7

MEAN.IO is a complete stack of necessary framework which simplifies and accelerates web application development. MEAN.IO is a full-stack free and open source software that helps us to build and run MongoDB, Express, AngularJS, and Node.js based web applications. It acts as a robust framework to help developers use better practices while working with popular JavaScript components […]

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How to Install Nginx as Reverse Proxy for Apache on FreeBSD 10.2

Nginx is free and open source HTTP server and reverse proxy, as well as an mail proxy server for IMAP/POP3. Nginx is high performance web server with rich of features, simple configuration and low memory usage. Originally written by Igor Sysoev on 2002, and until now has been used by a big technology company including […]

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How to Configure vTiger CRM on CentOS 7

vTiger CRM is a web based, modular and complete Open Source full-fledged customer relationship management system for sales force automation, customer support & service, marketing automation, procurement & fulfillment effectively. In addition to managing your customer data, vtiger offers also connectivity to a variety of other software systems in the existing software architecture. So vtiger […]

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How to Build Our Own Social Networking Site with Dolphin Pro

Dolphin Pro is a free and open source Content Mangement System (CMS) built for developing highly advanced and featured social networking websites. It has a complete set of features needed for a beautiful social networking site like forums, photos, video, music, blogs, polls, events, groups, chat, messenger, templates, languages and many more. We can develop awesome social […]

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How to Install Cockpit in Fedora / CentOS / RHEL/ Arch Linux

Cockpit is a free and open source server management software that makes us easy to administer our GNU/Linux servers via its beautiful web interface frontend. Cockpit helps make linux system administrator, system maintainers and DevOps easy to manage their server and to perform simple tasks, such as administering storage, inspecting journals, starting and stopping services […]

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How to install Android Studio on Ubuntu 15.04 / CentOS 7

With the advancement of smart phones in the recent years, Android has become one of the biggest phone platforms and all the tools required to build Android applications are also freely available. Android Studio is an Integrated Development Environment (IDE) for developing Android applications based on IntelliJ IDEA.  It is a free and open source […]

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How to Install Revive Adserver on Ubuntu 15.04 / CentOS 7

Revive AdserverHow to Install Revive Adserver on Ubuntu 15.04 / CentOS 7 is a free and open source advertisement management system that enables publishers, ad networks and advertisers to serve ads on websites, apps, videos and manage campaigns for multiple advertiser with many features. Revive Adserver is licensed under GNU Public License which is also known […]

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How to Setup Drone - a Continuous Integration Service in Linux

Are you tired of cloning, building, testing, and deploying codes time and again? If yes, switch to continuous integration. Continuous Integration aka CI is practice in software engineering of making frequent commits to the code base, building, testing and deploying as we go. CI helps to quickly integrate new codes into the existing code base. If this process […]

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How to Setup Redmine - Project Management Web Application on Fedora 22

Redmine is a free and open source web based flexible project management and issue tracking tool written in Ruby on Rails framework which is released under the terms of the GNU General Public License v2 (GPL). Redmine integrates with various version control systems like SVN, CVS, Git, Bazaar, etc and includes a repository browser and diff viewer. […]

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How to Install GitLab on Ubuntu / Fedora / Debian

Distributed version control was never easy before git. Git is a free and open source software that is designed to handle everything from small to very large projects with ease and speed. Git was first developed by Linus Torvalds who was also the founder of well-known Linux Kernel. GitLab is an awesome development in the field of git and […]

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How to Install Drupal 7 with SSL on FreeBSD 10.2

Drupal is free and open source content management framework used by 2.1% of the web on the world web, written in PHP under GPL(GNU General Public License). It is used by a people around the world from a personal blog to corporate, government site or forum, political site and news site. It used too for […]

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How to Install Pure-FTPd with TLS on FreeBSD 10.2

FTP or File Transfer Protocol is application layer standard network protocol used to transfer file from the client to the server, after user logged in to the FTP server over the TCP-Network, such as internet. FTP has been round long time ago, much longer then P2P Program, or World Wide Web, and until this day […]

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