Linux Smem Tool - Displays Memory Usage More Accurate

In a shared memory environment, which is a technique used by most operating systems, there is a challenge of counting the memory several times. This ends up giving users and system administrators inaccurate information on how physical memory is used. To solve this problem smem comes in very handy. Smem reports Unique Set Size (USS) […]

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Web-vmstat Tool - Show Vmstats in Chart / Graphical Mode

Today's applications are made on web-based form. This can be understand that web applications are easy to see on every devices. Since the trend of smartphones and tablets, the use of web based applications are increasing rapidly. On Linux system, we have vmstat tool to monitor Linux system resources such as CPU, Memory, I/O and […]

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Mosh Tool - An Alternative Option for SSH and How to Use It

For those who love to work remotely, must know about SSH. This protocol is widely used by system administrators. SSH is also available in all platforms like Linux, Unix, Microsoft Windows, and Macintosh. But today, we have Mosh as an alternative for SSH. What is Mosh Mosh is a remote-terminal protocol like SSH. As it’s […]

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How to use PeaZip as a Multi Purpose Archive Manager

PeaZip is an open source file and archive manager that can handle several file formats such as Bzip2, 7z, ZIP, TAR, XZ, WIM and several other types. To get PeaZip, download PeaZip for linux 64 bit and PeaZip for linux 32 bit respectively. Note: If you are using gnome download the GTK2 version and if […]

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Shell in a Box - Remote to your Linux server via web browser

System Administrator usually use SSH to remote his Linux servers. So he might need a SSH client to do that. If he use a Linux client, his Linux might already have SSH client installed. If he use Windows client, one of the most popular SSH client is Putty. We have already seen in NST Linux, […]

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Gnome Connection Manager - A GUI for Remote Management

Remote activity is something that usually done by a system administrator. The remote protocol that might be used is SSH and/or telnet. When he has a lot of remote screen to manage, then it is very likely that the screens will piled each other. We already seen that a program like ClusterSSH can save time […]

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ClusterSSH - Manage multiple ssh session at the same Time

Most of server administrator run SSH for maintaining his servers. When he manages a lot of servers, then he may need to open multiple SSH sessions. If the maintenance activity is using the same commands on each server, typing commands one-by-one for each server may consume more times. Is it possible to run commands on […]

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A good lot of Android Apps for Linux Geeks

You follow our technical blog to learn more about linux and get real life skills and we are very happy to help you out. In this article I will share a list of Android apps that suit the requirements of many linux people. I own an android device and I have to say that is very […]

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Automate your Computer Power Off with KShutdown

In this article you will learn how to use KShutdown a graphical shut down utility made by Konrad Twardowski. KShutdown comes packaged with several options to help you time several tasks on your Linux box. If you do not like the command line then this is the perfect tool for you. For the command line enthusiast this […]

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Install terminology - A terminal with fancy Features

Even Linux is now become more and more friendly with a nice Graphical User Interface (GUI), there are some Linux users who prefer work with commands. Specially for system administrators. There are some tasks that could be more efficient done through commands. A Terminal (or Console) as a tool to do command line tasks. Terminology […]

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How to install and use bmon - Real time bandwidth monitor in Linux

Maintaining a network also means maintaining its bandwidth. Bandwidth leak will lead the network to users complain and may impact to slow response from application. On Linux system, we can use a tool called bmon to monitor the bandwidth in real-time. What is bmon Bmon or Bandwidth Monitoring is a tool that intended for debugging […]

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Mibew Messenger - A Open source Live Chat Tool

When your companies sell products or services, then supports plays an important roles. Many companies realize that without a good support, customer can move to their competitor. In order to provides a good support, at least companies provide call support and email support. But now a channel like social media is used. Another channel that […]

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Read and Write Archives With pax Utility

I did not know anything about pax, until I read a very nice written article in the linux journal magazine about this great command-line utility. Now you guys may ask, what is pax? pax is a command-line tool that can be used to read, write, and list the members of an archive file. You will […]

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Features & Installation of Adminer - Database management tool in PHP

On MySQL world, phpMyAdmin is one of the most popular tool to managing MySQL database. phpMyAdmin is using web as its front-end and make it can be accessed from anywhere. Now we will discuss about Adminer as a database management tool. What is Adminer Adminer is a full-featured database management tool written in PHP. It […]

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