How To Configure Netdump Client On Linux

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Linux Netdump

1. To check whether “netdump” package has already been installed or not:

# rpm –qa | grep netdump

2. If it is not installed, install netdump using the following command:

# up2date -i netdump

3.  To double check the installed package and configuration files:

# rpm –qa | grep netdump

Note: Netdump configuration file path.

Configuration File Path : /etc/sysconfig/netdump
Private Key Path : /etc/sysconfig/netdump_id_dsa
Public Key Path : /etc/sysconfig/

4. Only to update the following configuration options in /etc/sysconfig/netdump:

server1:/root# sed '/ *#/d; /^ *$/d' /etc/sysconfig/netdump

5. To update netdump master server’s generic private/public key files to their respective path on netdump client server:

# scp user1@netdumpserver:/home/ndump/generic_netdump_key /etc/sysconfig/netdump_id_dsa

# scp user1@netdumpserver:/home/ndump/ /etc/sysconfig/

6. To setup “sysrq” kernel parameter in proc as well as /etc/sysctl.conf:

# sysctl –a | grep sysrq #### checking it’s current value
# sysctl -w kernel.sysrq=1 #### Set to “1” if it is not previously set.
# echo “kernel.sysrq = 1” >> /etc/sysctl.conf #### Adding entry in sysctl.conf to make it persistent in reboots.

7. To start netdump service:

# service netdump start

8. To double check the netdump process/module:

# service netdump status

# lsmod | grep -i netconsole

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