How unmount Properly when NFS mount is Busy

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NFS Linux

There are different ways and options we can try out if normal nfs unmount fails. Usually nfs unmount shows device busy alert.

Below example shows the unmount fails because the device is busy

# umount /nfs_apps

umount: /nfs_apps: device is busy
umount: /nfs_apps: device is busy

Next best option is to check why it is busy. You can try below commands to see what is happening on the mount point. Most time force unmount (-f ) also never works.

#fuser -ucx /nfs_share_name

If you identify the reason for nfs being busy, then the next step is to kill that process or to stop that application.

#fuser -kucx /nfs_share_name

Or you can try lazy unmount

#umount -l /nfs_share_name


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