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Install NitroShare - Cross Platform File Sharing Application on Ubuntu

NitroShare is an open source, lightweight, easy to use, file sharing application which works over Local Area Network (LAN). It is a cross platform application which can be installed on Linux, Mac and Windows operating systems. If installed on multiple computers on the same network, those computers can share files with each other with drag-n-drop. […]

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Install osCommerce in Ubuntu 14.04 with LAMP Stack

This brief tutorial is going to show you how to easily install osCommerce in Ubuntu 14.04 , if you haven’t already done and wish to open an online shop to sell your stuff. Open Source Commerce (osCommerce) is a popular e-Commerce and online store-management software program that may be easily used on any web server […]

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Install Robolinux 7.8.3 - Now Have More Privacy and Security Features

Robolinux is a Debian based linux operating system. The development goal for this operating system is to provide support to users migrating from Windows operating system. The users of windows operating system migrate to this lightweight, easy to use distribution and they feel the ease of Windows OS along with the power and security of […]

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How to Install Puppet Master and Client in Ubuntu 14.04

Hi there, Greetings. Today, we'll be learning how to install and configure both the puppet master and puppet client in our latest stable release of Ubuntu ie. Ubuntu 14.04 LTS "Trusty". Puppet is a configuration management system that allows you to define the state of your IT infrastructure, then automatically enforces the correct state. Whether […]

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How to Create Docker Container using Dockerfile

This article is all about how we can use a Dockerfile to create a Docker Container. So, here is a brief introduction on what really is a Container and a Dockerfile. Once we start a process in Docker from an Image, Docker fetches the image and its Parent Image, and repeats the process until it reaches the […]

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Sleuth Kit - Open Source Forensic Tool to Analyze Disk Images and Recover Files

SIFT is a Ubuntu based forensics distribution provided by SANS Inc. It consist of many forensics tools such as Sleuth kit / Autopsy etc . However, Sleuth kit/Autopsy tools can be installed on Ubuntu/Fedora distribution  instead of downloading complete distribution of SIFT. Sleuth Kit /Autopsy is open source digital forensics investigation tool which is used […]

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Locate Stolen laptops and Smart phones Using Prey Tool in Ubuntu

Prey is an open source, cross platform tool which helps recover your stolen laptops, desktops, tablet computers and smart phones. It has gained vast popularity and has claimed to help recover hundreds of missing laptops and smart phones. The working of this tool is pretty simple, install it on your Laptop or smart phone, and if your […]

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Systemd Boot Process a Close Look in Linux

The way Linux system boots up is quite complex and there have always been need to optimize the way it works. The traditional boot up process of Linux system is mainly handled by the well know init process (also known as SysV init boot system), while there have been identified inefficiencies in the init based boot […]

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Install Open Source TV Streaming Server TvHeadend in Linux Mint 17.x

TvHeadend is TV streaming server for Linux based systems. It supports Digital Video Broadcasting standards (DVB-S, DVB-S2, DVB-C, DVB-T), Advanced Television Systems Committee standards (ATSC), IPTV, and V4L as input sources. It supports HTSP (Home TV Streaming Protocol) , RTSP server and the built-in Digital Video Recorder as output sources. It is easy to manage via […]

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How to Install LXQt 0.9.0 Desktop Environment in Ubuntu

Hi everyone, in this tutorial we'll learn about how to install the latest LXQT 0.9.0 Desktop Environment in Ubuntu Operating System and its derivatives like Linux Mint, Elementary OS, and many more. This article also includes some introduction and changelog of the latest LXQT Release. LXQt is the Qt port and the upcoming version of […]

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How to Setup Magento Community Edition in CentOS 7.x

This tutorial is all about installing Magento Community Edition in CentOS 7 Operating System.  Magento is an Open Source eCommerce software now owned by eBay, Inc. Due to its opensource support base, it has become a very popular open-source product to run any types of eCommerce website. Magento employs the MySQL relational database management system, the […]

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How To Install XFCE 4.12 in Mint 17.x and Arch Linux

XFCE is a well know desktop environment for Linux, Solaris, and BSD systems. It is fast, lightweight, user friendly, GTK+ 2 toolkit based desktop environment. It comes with a wide range of applications and Linux users find it very useful and appealing. Recently, XFCE 4.12 was launched with many enhanced features, noteworthy of them are: […]

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Install Oracle VirtualBox On Ubuntu - Easy To Use Virtualization Application

Oracle Virtual Box is one of the most well known Virtualization applications. It lets you run operating systems virtually on your base system (known as host operating system). You create virtual machines on your current operating system  or host operating system using Oracle Virtual Box and then can install operating system of your choice on […]

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Install Korora 21- A Fedora Based User Friendly Operating System

Korora was originally a Gentoo Linux operating system. It was first released in 2005, but shut down in 2007; then the OS took rebirth in 2010 as “Fedora-remix” distribution. Fedora has been known to be an excellent distribution for professionals but generally its not considered to be very friendly for new users, that’s why newcomers […]

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