How To Play Music From The Terminal

Dear linux geek,

In this article we will teach you how to play your music from the terminal. The tool we will use is mplayer.

mplayer is a movie player and encoder for linux. It runs on many other platforms and can play the following files:

  1. MPEG
  2. VOB
  3. AVI
  5. RM
  6. QT/MOV/MP4
  7. Ogg/OGM
  8. MKV
  9. VIVO
  10. FLI
  11. Nupā€pelVideo
  12. yuv4mpeg
  13. FILM
  14. RoQ

Playing music from the terminal makes you feel special. You don't need GUI application and a mouse, only a terminal and your keyboard.

1. Install mplayer in Ubuntu with the following command.

sudo apt-get install mplayer

how to play music from terminal

2. After the installation is finished, open a new terminal and run the following command to play your songs.

mplayer full_path_of_your_song

how to play music from terminal

3. Enjoy it! Do you feel a smarter linux geek now?

how to play music from terminal


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