How To Google From Terminal In Ubuntu Linux

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Everyone knows how to google from a web browser, but an ambitious computer geek loves to shine in his or her terminal. Passion and dedication for computer systems exceeds everything, the sky is the limit. You don't believe me?

Ok guys, in this article i will teach you how to Google from the terminal. But first let me tell what do we need in order to do this geeky experiment.

We need the following:

  1. Ubuntu Linux
  2. A Terminal
  3. An Internet Connection
  4. w3m

What is w3m? w3m is a World Wide Web(WWW) text based client which can be used to display html documents as well as a "pager". I am sure that everyone who is reading this article and has knowledge about "more" or "less" tools understands what I am 'talking' about when i say you can use the w3m tool as a pager.

Does w3m support images? Yes it does, but you can not view images in a Gnome Terminal or KDE Console, you need an Xterm terminal to display images while browsing with this amazing tool for computer geeks.

Install w3m In Ubuntu

The following command will help us to install the World Wide Web text based client in our Ubuntu machine.

sudo apt-get install w3m

how to google from terminal

Google From Terminal

After the installation is finished, run the following command to Google from the terminal. Note: Use the arrow keys to navigate throug links and boxes and type enter if you want to put text in a box.


how to google from terminal

Do you guys use gmail? The cool thing is that you can access your gmail account directly from the terminal via the w3m tool.

how to google from terminal

Hey, you binary geeks, i think it is time to read some articles from linoxide, but this time from the terminal. We don't need a web browser, we are linux geeks, give us a tool and we will google with it!


how to google from terminal

how to google from terminal

how to google from terminal

Awesome! We can read linux article directly from the terminal.To be honest with you guys I am feeling very 'happy' right now. Yesterday, while reading something about system administration my google chrome browser crashed and everything went white, I couldn't browse. But where there is a terminal, there is always a way.I wish a knew this tool before!

As you can see from the following screenshot, we are not able to view any image.

how to google from terminal

Xterm terminal can help us to display images and view them.

how to google from terminal

Ok geeks, one last thing! You can use the w3m tool with the -M option for monochrome display. For more options read the man page.

w3m -M

how to google from terminal


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  1. Chris Guiver says:

    Thanks - didn't know about w3m; had always used a command with 'wget' to view a page from command line (though this is usually when I'm extracting info for use in script; so wget suits that purpose...)

    Incidently - I didn't even need to install it in either SuSE or DEBIAN; both had w3m installed by default.

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