24 Things To Do After Installing Elementary OS Loki

If you followed our guide for installing Elementary OS, next thing you want to know is what to install to actually make your Elementary install usable. We have made a neat video for that, but what if you want to paste commands, or only some of them? You might not need all of it,  so in this article, we will list and explain all the commands in the video. As well  as add some more.

1. Update the elementary OS

sudo apt update

sudo apt upgrade

2. Install gdebi so you can install deb packages trough GUI

sudo apt install gdebi

3. For watching videos we will use VLC

sudo apt install vlc

4. Elementary OS commes with Epiphany web browser, so lets add firefox

sudo apt install firefox

5. Install Skype, Dropbox and Chrome

At this point, you we take a break from terminal to install Skype, Dropbox and Chrome trough GUI. You go to official site of this applications, download deb packages and install them by double clicking them. Or by right clicking them and then choosing the install package option from drop down menu

Elementary OS deb install with Gdebi

You can then use system settings to set default apps, Firefox or Chrome from browser, and VLC for videos.

6. Install archive formats

sudo apt install rar unrar cabextract lzip lunzip arj unace p7zip-rar p7zip

7. For torrents we will use transmission

sudo apt install transmission

8. Patent-encumbered technology

For technology that is patented in some countries, there is meta package called ubuntu-restricted-extras

sudo apt install ubuntu-restricted-extras

9. For gaming with steam Linux ports, lets install steam

sudo apt install steam

10. If Linux ported games are not enough for you, or you need photoshop, you would want to install wine

sudo apt install wine

11. For Java development lets install java development kit

sudo apt install openjdk-8-jdk

12. Install OpenSSH Server

If you want to access your computer's command line from remote computer, you would need openssh server which is not installed by default for security reasons.

sudo apt install openssh-server

Multimedia production and office productivity

If you want to use your computer for creative tasks, lets install packages for video, graphics, audio editing, and engineering.

13. Codecs for video editing

sudo apt install libavcodec-extra ffmpeg

14. If we need to do some photo editing, we will need GIMP

sudo apt install gimp

15. For vector images and drawings lets use inkscape

sudo apt install inkscape

16. Install blender, which can be used for 3d modeling, animation, and video editing

sudo apt install blender

17. If you need only video editing, best Linux program for that is Kdenlive

sudo apt install kdenlive

18. For computer aided design, 2d

sudo apt install librecad

19. For computer aided design, 3d

sudo apt install freecad

20. For office productivity, install well known LibreOffice

sudo apt install libreoffice

21. For seroious audio editing, lets install ardour

sudo apt install ardour

22. Also for audio, install LMMS

sudo apt install lmms

23. If you audio editing needs are basic, you can get by with audacity

sudo apt install audacity

24. In case you have NVIDIA graphics card

sudo apt install nvidia-current

If you have AMD or Intel graphics, you are already covered by in-kernel drivers.


This commands are listed for you one by one to pick and chose what you need and install based on your needs. If you want to install everything, you can use one single command like ths:

sudo apt install gdebi vlc firefox rar unrar cabextract lzip lunzip arj unace p7zip-rar p7zip transmission ubuntu-restricted-extras libavcodec-extra ffmpeg gimp inkscape blender kdenlive librecad freecad libreoffice steam wine openssh-server kazam openjdk-8-jdk ardour audacity lmms

It will install all mentioned apps from this article, save the out-of-repository apps like Chrome, Skype and Dropbox which we installed with gdebi. This is all for this article, thank you for reading and good day.

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