How to Add Percona MySQL Monitoring on Cacti

percona template cacti

In this article, I am going to show how to use cacti monitoring for MySQL. For test purposes, I will use Ubuntu 16.04 with cacti 0.8.8f and MySQL 5.6 installed. If you don't have anything installed refer to our setup cacti on ubuntu article.

Download Percona Template

First of all, we have to download the needed percona MySQL template for cacti

	$ wget

Install Template

We will use dpkg command to install Percona template.

	$ sudo dpkg -i percona-cacti-templates_1.1.7-2.yakkety_all.deb

Grant Access for Cacti User

Now we need to create a cacti user in every MySQL database that we want to monitor.

	mysql > GRANT SUPER, PROCESS ON *.* TO 'cacti'@'%' IDENTIFIED BY "qwe";

Importing MySQL template

Use below command to import

	$ sudo php /usr/share/cacti/cli/import_template.php --filename=/usr/share/cacti/resource/percona/templates/cacti_host_template_percona_mysql_server_ht_0.8.6i-sver1.1.7.xml --with-user-rras='1:2:3:4'

Check /usr/share/cacti/site/include/config.php to ensure that the DB password is correct.

Edit file /usr/share/cacti/scripts/ss_get_mysql_stats.php and change username and password.

	$mysql_user = 'cacti';
	$mysql_pass = 'qwe';

Now we can go to the web interface and add the needed graphs. Click on 'New graphs' and add the needed one.

add cacti graph

Select the template for monitoring and click 'Create'

select cacti template

Click 'Graphs' on the top menu.

cacti graphs

In this article, we have imported Percona MySQL template into cacti monitoring system and created a couple of graphs to monitor MySQL database. For any additional information, you can refer to percona official documentation.

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