What is TLDR and Explained How to Use it

Tldr man pages linux

Linux command line users must be familiar with "man" command. It stands for manual pages, which means that every Linux command or utility comes with the set of instructions or possible usage of the command. Man pages are of great [...]

Aun Raza 3:00 am

Echofish - Tool to Monitor System Logs via Web Browser

Echofish welcome screen

Echofish is a freeware, open source tool which provides the capability to monitor your system logs using your web browser and in an easy to understand format. Log file analysis is not an easy task, especially if you have to [...]

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Psutil - Library to Fectch Running Process and System Utilization Information


Psutil is a python based library, it provides an interface to monitor your computer system's resources. You can use this utility and its available APIs to find out all details about currently running processes, their resource consumption like memory, network [...]

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Pet - A Command Line Snippet Manager for Linux

pet add

If you manage a lot of Linux systems via command line, you must be aware of the hectic task to remember all the commands you use on daily basis. You often need to go into your system's history and find [...]

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How to Use Linux Hexdump Command with Practical Examples

Hexdump is a very useful Linux command for developers and application debuggers. It has the ability to dump file contents into many formats like hexadecimal, octal, ASCII and decimal. This command takes a file, or any standard input, as input [...]

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MPS-Youtube - Play and Download Youtube Video on Linux Command Line

play video

MPS-Youtube is a freeware, youtube player and downloader application which works right from your command line. You can use this tool on your Linux system  terminal to search, play, and download youtube videos and playlists. It is a tiny utility [...]

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Buku - Manage Browser Bookmarks from Linux Command Line

update bookmark

In the modern world of IT and internet, a bookmark is an integral part of our daily life internet browsing. It is actually a Uniform Resource Identifier (URI) which is stored for later retrieval. Modern day web browsers are considered [...]

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lnav - Tool to View and Analyze Log Files from Linux Terminal

lnav hotkey M

The Log File Navigator ( abbreviated as "lnav" ) is a tiny useful utility which helps users take an easy and cleaner look at system's log files. It is a freeware application which runs on Linux and Mac operating systems. [...]

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A Better Way To Take Screenshot on Linux using PMSS

PMSS imgur

PMSS (Poor Man's Screenshooter) is a command line utility which makes capturing screenshots a piece of cake. It is a small, freeware, easy to use shell script which hardly consumes any system resources. It uses well know Linux command line [...]

Aun Raza 3:00 am

How to Copy/Paste Command's Output using Xclip on Linux

xclips Process

Clipboard is a very useful utility in modern day operating systems. Clipboard technology uses the method of copy and paste to temporary store and transfer data between different applications or documents. If you are using GUI  based Linux operating system [...]

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How To Synchronize Files / Folders Using FreeFileSync on Ubuntu

Sync Completed

We are living in the area of cloud computing where lot of free services are available that let us sync our important data for the sake of backup to the remote cloud storage. But what if we do not want [...]

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How to Encrypt/Decrypt Files Using EncryptPad on Linux


Consider a situation where you need to share your important/sensitive data with your family or friends or your critical data is stored in forms of text files on your laptop; there are always chances of hacking or information theft. The [...]

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Linux watch Command with Examples


A server administrator needs to maintain the system and keep it updated and safe. A number of intrusion attempts may happen every day. There are some other activities that maintain their log. These logs are updated regularly. In order to [...]

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Linux Mint 17.1 Rebecca Installation With Cinnamon - Best Guide !

Cinnamon 2.6

Linux Mint is a Debian based Linux distribution developed with a core focus to provide some state of the art facilities for multimedia projects. It comes with some proprietary software like Adobe flash. The mission statement of Linux Mint is [...]

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