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Professional Linux administrator with a passion for Linux web blogging. I have been administrating Linux servers from last seven years and have been involved in Technology blogging from last five years. I love traveling, playing indoor games and watching movies.

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Install Korora 21- A Fedora Based User Friendly Operating System

Korora was originally a Gentoo Linux operating system. It was first released in 2005, but shut down in 2007; then the OS took rebirth in 2010 as “Fedora-remix” distribution. Fedora has been known to be an excellent distribution for professionals but generally its not considered to be very friendly for new users, that’s why newcomers […]

Posted on : March 6, 2015 By
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How To Install Manjaro - A Simple, Stable Arch Linux Based Operating System

Manjaro Linux is a desktop oriented operating system which is based on the Arch Linux philosophy. Arch Linux distributions are independently developed operating systems  and their primary focus is simplicity and ease of use. Arch Linux provides the latest stable versions for software applications.  Arch Linux is  simple yet powerful enough to be run on […]

Posted on : March 3, 2015 , Last Updated on : March 2, 2015 By
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Install Krita - An Opensource Graphics Program in Ubuntu 14.04

Krita is open source software for concept artists, digital painters and illustrators. You can create paintings, drawings, sketches and almost all other forms of artwork with Krita. It’s a raster graphics editor, which means it allows users to create and edit images interactively on the computer. These generated images then can be saved into various […]

Posted on : February 27, 2015 , Last Updated on : February 26, 2015 By
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