Everyday Linux ps command Examples for System Admin

ps child

Linux/Unix system administrator should be very proficient in performance monitoring and tuning. For performance monitoring, administrator should understand how various Linux component and processes works (like CPU, Memory, I/O and Network). Process status (PS) is a command used to display current [...]

How To Use Screen And Script Command In Linux

The screen is a terminal multiplexer. Using this, you can run any number of console-based-applications, interactive command shells, course-based applications, etc. You can use screen to keep running program after you accidentally close the terminal, or even after you log out and [...]

Few Netstat Command Example Useful For Daily Usage

In Linux operating system, many services are running. All services are client and server architecture based; hence networking is must to communicate with another system or to external world through internet. To monitor the network, we use netstat to get statistic [...]