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IT Linux administrator passionate of free and open source software, I work on Linux Systems since some years on installations and deployments of certain solutions. I like to share my experiences with a wider audience by training and conferences.

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15 Linux Screen Command for Dealing Terminal Sessions

The screen is a terminal multiplexer. Using this, you can run any number of console-based-applications, interactive command shells, course-based applications, etc. You can use screen to keep running program after you accidentally close the terminal, or even after you log out and later resume right wherever you are. How does screen work? When screen is called, it […]

Posted on : June 21, 2017 , Last Updated on : June 21, 2017 By in LINUX HOWTO
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How to Install "stacer" Monitoring and Optimising Tool on Linux

Stacer is a GUI based open source resource monitoring and system optimizer tool for Linux. This app has a nice looking dashboard which provides CPU, Memory, Disk and System information. The new vesrion of stacer provides additional monitoring panel for process viewing and sorting. I would say this is an "all in one" montoring tool for linux […]

Posted on : June 14, 2017 , Last Updated on : June 14, 2017 By in MONITORING
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10 Lesser Known Linux Fun on Terminal with Crazy Outputs

The Linux terminal is a powerful tool for some administration tasks. It helps for troubleshooting too and ensure you a solution for a problem. As serious, it can be with some special commands, the terminal is also used for really surprising operations which have nothing to do with the work. Just for the fun!! It exists commands which […]

Posted on : April 24, 2017 , Last Updated on : June 14, 2017 By
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15 Advanced Linux Interview Questions and Answers

Linux system administrator are users with special privileges and duties who must maintain system stable. Very useful resources are the manual pages, which should always be consulted when you are not familiar with a command. If you do not know which command you need, then the apropos, info or man command can be used but, […]

Posted on : April 11, 2017 , Last Updated on : April 10, 2017 By
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How to Use GPG Commands to Create Public key for Secure Communication

Let us first try to understand what is encryption. Encryption is a process of embedding plain text data in such a way that it cannot be decoded by outsiders. It is necessary to encrypt data to prevent misuse. The GNU Privacy Guard (GPG) application allows you to encrypt and decrypt information. It is based on the […]

Posted on : April 4, 2017 , Last Updated on : April 4, 2017 By in SECURITY
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