diff Command in Linux with Examples

linux diff command

When it comes to file comparison, GUI based software are mostly used. If you are a Linux user then I think you should know how to compare files through command line as it is definitely a quick method once you [...]

Himanshu Arora 4:56 am

How to Use Gprof Profiling Tool on Linux (Tutorial)

gprof statistical analysis call graph

In the software industry today, performance of a software has become the most important requirement. Software programmers and developers are trying harder than ever to improve the performance of their respective software. A well written software code consists of various [...]

Himanshu Arora 4:01 am

How Many Different Kill Signals in Linux

Signals in Linux is a very important concept to understand. This is because signals are used in some of the common activities that you do through Linux command line. For example, whenever you press Ctrl+c to terminate an executing command [...]

Himanshu Arora 4:00 am

How to Get Started with Display Filters in WireShark

wireshark bytes filter

Wireshark is a very popular network protocol analyser through which a network administrator can thoroughly examine the flow of data traffic to/from a computer system in a network. This tool has been around for quite some time now and provides [...]

Himanshu Arora 4:41 am

How to use Valgrind to Check Memory Leak

Valgrind is a collection of command line tools that can be used for debugging and profiling executables in Linux. Memcheck is one of the most popular tool in the Valgrind suite of tools that can be used to detect memory [...]

Himanshu Arora 4:30 am