How to Install Sysdig System Diagnosing Tool on Ubuntu 15 / CentOS 7

Sysdig topfiles

Hello and welcome to our todays article on Linux system exploration and troubleshooting tool Sysdig with first class support for containers. Sysdig capture system state and activity from a running Linux instance, then save, filter and analyze. You can use [...]

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How to Install OpenSIPS Server on Ubuntu 15.04

opensips processes

OpenSIPS is an open source SIP Proxy program that runs on Linux platforms and play in the infrastructure of an Internet Telephony Service Provider. There are number of open source applications available that are used to build IP Telephony solutions. [...]

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How to Add New Disk in Linux CentOS 7 Without Rebooting

Increase / Partition

Increasing disk spaces on the Linux servers is a daily routine work for very system administrator. So, in this article we are going to show you some simple simple steps that you can use to increase your disk spaces on [...]

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How to Install Solaris 10/11 on VMware Workstation 12

Launch Solaris

Hello and welcome to our today's article on Installation of Solaris using VMware Workstation. Oracle Solaris 11 is the world's most advanced enterprise operating system that delivers security, speed, and simplicity for enterprise cloud environments and DevOps. In our previous [...]

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How to Setup VM for Solaris on VMware Workstation 12

VM settings

Solaris is the most widely used, enterprise UNIX operating system that Sun Microsystems provides for its family of Scalable Processor Architecture-based processors as well as for Intel-based processors. The difference between the Linux and Unix (Solaris) is that Linux boasts [...]

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How to Install Apache ServiceMix on CentOS 7

managing from console

Hi, welcome to our today's article on Apache ServiceMix. Let me give you an overview of what ServiceMix is and what you can do with it. Apache ServiceMix is a runtime container for service-oriented architecture components, web services or legacy [...]

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How to Install Alfrasco ECM on CentOS 7

Alfresco Dashboard

Alfrasco is a java based Electronic Content Management tool that is available with an Open Source license. This open platform helps you regain control of critical business content, strengthen compliance, optimize processes and make collaboration easy with its simple, smart [...]

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How to Install Flussonic Streaming Server Ubuntu / CentOS

Flussonic Dashboard

Hello and welcome to our today's article on installation Flussonic Streaming Server on Ubuntu15 and CentOS 7. Flussonic is a modern video streaming server written in Erlang. On the delivery end, Flussonic is a true multi screen platform and can [...]

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How to Setup GMVault Gmail Backup on Ubuntu / CentOS

using gmvault

GMVault is a user friendly cross-platform and very lightweight command-line tool that setup most of the necessary rich features to backup and restore your gmail account. You can download it for free and install it on your computer using CLI. [...]

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How to Install ManageEngine ServiceDesk Plus on CentOS 7

ServiceDesk Service

ManageEngine is the Enterprise IT Management Software division of ZOHO Corporation that simplifies IT management with affordable software that offers the powerful features of largest enterprises demand. It serves a diverse range of enterprise IT, networking and Telecom customers. In [...]

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How to Setup jBilling a Billing Solution On Ubuntu 15.10

jbilling configuration

Hello and welcome to our today's article on jBilling, the enterprise open source billing system. jBilling is a mature and rapidly evolving billing system that delivers a rich of set of features that provides you an easy to use and [...]

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How to Install Wine 1.8 on Ubuntu 15.x / Centos 7

Wine Conf

Wine (Wine Is Not an Emulator)) is a free and open source compatibility layer software application for the implementation of Windows based applications to run on Linux. Different applications have their own dependencies to run on any operating system. Windows [...]

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How to Configure Citrix XenServer 6.5 on VMware Workstation

XenServer Status

Citrix XenServer gives you everything that you need to manage, integrate and automate a virtualized server infrastructure which consolidates a physical server's computing power into multiple virtual machines and administers their performance and use, all emulating as a standard server. [...]

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How to Configure Magento on Ubuntu 15.10

Magento Admin

Hello Everyone, our today's article is installing Magento on the latest version of Ubuntu 15.10. Magento is most powerful and fast growing e-commerce software and e-commerce platforms solution, created by Varien aimed at larger sites. It is an open-source platform [...]

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