How to Setup DirectAdmin Hosting Control Panel on CentOS 6 / 7

Direct Admin is a Graphical User Interface (GUI) web hosting control panel that provides you the administrative options for managing all the parts of your hosting account and can be used for the management of web hosting and making your [...]

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How to Setup Munin Monitoring System on CentOS 7

Munin Load Graph

Hello Everybody! Welcome to our today’s article on one the most widely used, free of cost and Open Source Munin Network Resource Monitoring System. Its a perl software application can help you monitoring your each and every asset that keeps [...]

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How to Install Laravel PHP Framework on CentOS 7 / Ubuntu 15.04

Key encryption

Hi All, In this article we are going to setup Laravel on CentOS 7 and Ubuntu 15.04. If you are a PHP web developer then you don't need to worry about of all modern PHP frameworks, Laravel is the easiest [...]

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How to Install Open-audIT on CentOS 6 / 7

Open Audit groups

Managing your IT infrastructure is always been a hard job if you are not taking advantage of free and Open Source network discovery, inventory and auditing application like Open-audit. It actually tell you exactly what is on your network, how [...]

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How to Configure vTiger CRM on CentOS 7

vTiger CRM dashboard

vTiger CRM is a web based, modular and complete Open Source full-fledged customer relationship management system for sales force automation, customer support & service, marketing automation, procurement & fulfillment effectively. In addition to managing your customer data, vtiger offers also [...]

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How to Configure Xibo CMS on Ubuntu 14 / 15

Xibo CMS Dashboard

Hi All, Today we are going to setup Xibo which is an open source digital signage(public display signs) solution that comprised of a web based content management system (CMS) and choice of Windows or Android signage players. The best way [...]

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How to Configure Apache Solr on Ubuntu 14 / 15

adding Document

Hello and welcome to our today's article on Apache Solr. The brief description about Apache Solr is that it is an Open Source most famous search platform with Apache Lucene at the back end for Web sites that enables you [...]

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How to Install Moodle LMS on Ubuntu 14 / 15

Moodle Dashboard

Moodle is one of the most widely used Open Source Learning Management System by different institutions in the World due to its cost effective and distance learning features for the students. It can be customized for its management features and [...]

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How to Setup OpenGTS GPS Tracking System on Ubuntu / CentOS

OpenGTS Server Admin

Hello everybody, today we are going to show you the installation and configuration steps to use OpenGTS that is well known as Open GPS Tracking System. OpenGTS is the only open source and web based GPS tracking system which is [...]

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How to Install SQLite 3.9.1 with JSON Support on Ubuntu 15.04

Using SQLite3

Hello and welcome to our today's article on SQLite which is the most widely deployed SQL database engine in the world that comes with zero-configuration, that means no setup or administration needed. SQLite is public-domain software package that provides relational [...]

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How to Install CSF Firewall on CentOS 7

Using CSF

CSF stands for ConfigServer Security and Firewall is one the most useful Open Source security application for linux operating systems that is used as a Packet Inspection Firewall, Login and Intrusion detection for the linux servers. Using CSF helps to [...]

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How to Install and Configure PostgreSQL with phpPgAdmin on CentOs 7

Using phpPgAdmin

Hi everybody! Our today's article is on PostgreSQL with phpPgAdmin installation setup on CentOS 7. PostgreSQL is one of the major and important open-source relational database management systems that have helped to shape the world of application development with advanced, [...]

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How to Setup Icinga Web 2 on Centos 7.x / Ubuntu 15.04

Icinga Web 2 Dashboard

Icinga is an open source network monitoring application that provides us with Icinga Web 1 and Icinga Web 2 interfaces to fully manage and monitor the hosts and services through its dashboard. Icinga Web 2 is the successor of Icinga [...]

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How to Setup Seafile Secure Cloud Storage on CentOS 7

Seafile Server Installation

Hello Everybody, our today's article is on an Open Source Secure Cloud Storage platform that is Seafile. You can use Seafile Storage at your home or in office to synchronize your files and data with PC and mobile devices easily [...]

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