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Linux Systems and Security Engineer in Information and Communication Technology. Results-driven ICT Professional and Open Source Geek with technical specialties in the area of Open Source Operating systems and Applications.

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How to Install WINE on Linux Mint 17.1 to Run Windows Apps

WINE is basically a program that we can use to install the Windows based .exe package on the UNIX-LINUX Operating systems with the help of its compatibility layer that allows the Linux users to run windows applications on it. So in today’s article we will guide you with the help of snapshots the basic steps […]

Posted on : June 17, 2015 , Last Updated on : June 17, 2015 By
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Install Plex Media Server On Ubuntu / CentOS 7.1 / Fedora 22

In this article we will show you how easily you can setup Plex Home Media Server on major Linux distributions with their latest releases.  After its successful installation of Plex you will be able to use your centralized home media playback system that streams its media to many Plex player Apps and the Plex Home […]

Posted on : June 15, 2015 , Last Updated on : June 14, 2015 By
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PhpMyAdmin Install and Configure with Nginx on CentOS 7.x

In this Linux How to’s tutorial we will install and configure the latest version of phpMyAdmin 4.4.9 to handle the database administration of MySQL, MariaDB and Drizzle servers over the web. It’s the best web based administration tool mainly for the beginner’s and for those who don’t feels comfortable with the command line administration. Its […]

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Howto Configure Elasticsearch, Logstash & Kibana on Ubuntu 15.04

This tutorial is all about an Open Source tool that will index and search in your logs to extract the valuable information for you to visualize. We will guide you with the setup of ELK installations to configure with simple steps that will be helpful for your to setup your own ELK stack t to […]

Posted on : June 10, 2015 , Last Updated on : April 12, 2017 By
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How to Configure Gogs on Ubuntu 15.04

Gogs(Go Git Service) a painless self-hosted Git Service written in Go. As its built with Go, so we automatically get its cross-platform compatibility that it supports, including Linux, Mac OS and Windows. Gogs has really low footprints so its easy on low system resources. In this article we will guide you with simple steps and to […]

Posted on : June 9, 2015 , Last Updated on : June 8, 2015 By
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How to Setup Zimbra Email Server on CentOS 7

In this article we guide you with basic steps to install and configure Zimbra Collaboration Suite using Open Source Edition with single server installation where all the three components are installed on one server which includes Zimbra MTA, Zimbra LDAP server and Zimbra mailbox server with no additional manual configurations as its build only for […]

Posted on : June 2, 2015 , Last Updated on : June 7, 2015 By
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