How to Use Semanage Command for SELinux Policy

Semanage Command

Semanage is a tool used to configure certain elements of SELinux policy without modifying or recompiling policy sources. This includes mapping Linux usernames to SELinux user identities and security context mappings for objects like network ports, interfaces, and hosts. By [...]

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Install Spotify using Snap on Ubuntu/Debian and Fedora

install spotify snap

Spotify for Linux hasn't seen active development since 2016, leaving users with the choice of using the outdated desktop client, or the web version. This Christmas, Spotify is back on Linux with a new look. The app now comes as [...]

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How to Install Java JDK9 on Linux

Install JDK9 linux

Java is known for it's cross-platform compatibility, and it's used by several developers to build applications and websites due to its speed, reliability and safety. Java runs on several devices today, including servers, smartphones, gaming consoles and more. Java JDK [...]

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How to Take Linux System Snapshots with Timeshift

timeshift snapshot

Linux shows you no mercy when you don't have a backup. There are several backup utilities out there, including System Restore for Windows and Time Machine for Mac OS. Timeshift is an open-source software which takes incremental snapshots of your [...]

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How to Install ZFS on Ubuntu Linux 17.04

ZFS install ubuntu 17-04

The ZFS file system was officially supported in Ubuntu 16.04 and earlier we have shown how to install on centos 7. Though it's not installed and enabled by default it's available in Ubuntu's repositories. ZFZ is an advanced file system [...]

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How to Install and Use Exiftool on Linux

exiftool install linux

You may have come across ExifTool while searching for an image recovery software. Well, ExifTool does more than that. It's a open source program for reading, modifying, and manipulating images, videos, audios and PDF metadata. Metadata are the additional data [...]

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A List of Awesome Linux Command Line Text Based Games

commandline games

The Linux command line is a powerful console which lets you interact with the entire Linux environment at a more intimate level. Though Linux isn't well known for gaming like Windows is, you can do a whole lot more with [...]

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Cheat - Create and View Cheatsheets on Command Line

cheatsheet command line

Ever Linux user can admit often forgetting Linux commands or their options. Often we have to check Google or Askubuntu and some other places to remind us of some commands. Personally, I don't seem to keep "# add-apt-repository" in my [...]

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ConvertAll - A Complete Unit Converter Tool for Linux

convertall unit converter linux

Once a while we want to know the equivalent of one unit of measurement to another. You may have wanted to check how many pounds make a kilogram, or how many inches make a meter, or tried to know how [...]

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10 Lesser Known Linux Terminal Tricks

command line tricks

You're never really a Linux guru if you're not conversant with the terminal. Though certain commands and syntaxes may be cumbersome to memorize, there are several helpful command line tips and tricks to make your work in the terminal much [...]

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How to Hide Grub Menu in Boot of your Linux Machine

hide grub linux

Most Linux graphical installation come with the GRUB boot menu displaying at startup. The GRUB Linux's default bootloader with options to boot Linux or other operating systems, and advanced features like the recovery console. Though most users don't mind that [...]

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pdd - Tool to find Date and Time Difference in Linux Command Line

pdd calculate date time difference

In some occasions where you want to check by how many years someone older than you, how old you are (in days, years or months), the countdown to an event or the next flash sale. There is a python-based command [...]

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mmwatch - Alternative Linux Watch Command which Print Rates

mmwatch tool

You should be conversant with the watch command, which allows you to repeat commands at certain intervals and monitor the changes. The mmwatch tool is an opensource command line tool from Cloudflare which lets you monitor a particular command and [...]

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How to Install Spotify on Fedora 26

spotify fedora26

Spotify is a free music streaming service which offers additional premium content at a minimal subscription fee. It's a widely successful music service several million users and millions of songs at your fingertips. With Spotify, you can listen to your [...]

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