How to Configure Mariadb Maxscale Master-Slave with Galera Cluster

Mariadb Maxscale Master Slave Cluster

In this article we will install MariaDB galera cluster with MaxScale proxy database by MariaDB corporation. MaxScale is inteligent proxy database that can route database statements from cluster to one server. But unlike HAproxy, MaxScale uses asynchronius I/O of the [...]

How to Setup lsyncd for Synchronize Directories to Remote Computers

Lsyncd is a synchronization daemon that enables you to synchronizes your designated directory with to any other directory on the network or locally. ie Its helps mirror local directories with remote targets Software like csync, rsync, csync2, mirror will all do [...]

How to Setup Percona Cluster with HAproxy Loadbalancer on CentOS 7

We earlier shown how to setup MariaDB Galera cluster with HAproxy, and today we will do the similar setup with Percona's distribution of MySQL. Percona is the company that has deep expertise with MySQL and MongoDB, and they make their own [...]