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I have basic level experience in Open source tools.

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Install Strongswan - A Tool to Setup IPsec Based VPN in Linux

IPsec is a standard which provides the security at network layer. It consist of authentication header (AH) and encapsulating security payload (ESP) components. AH provides the packet Integrity and confidentiality is provided by ESP component . IPsec ensures the following security features at network layer. Confidentiality Integrity of packet Source Non. Repudiation Replay attack protection […]

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How to Install Scrapy a Web Crawling Tool in Ubuntu 14.04 LTS

It is an open source software which is used for extracting the data from websites. Scrapy framework is developed in Python and it perform the crawling job in fast, simple and extensible way.  We have created a Virtual Machine (VM) in virtual box and Ubuntu 14.04 LTS is installed on it. Install Scrapy Scrapy is […]

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