Set Time/Date/Timezone in Ubuntu Linux

How to set time and time zone in ubuntu linux

Time is an important aspect in Linux systems especially in critical services such as cron jobs. Having the correct time on the server ensures that the server operates in a healthy environment that consists of distributed systems and maintains accuracy [...]

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How To Record and Share Linux Terminal Activity using Asciinema

Auth Fields

Writing is a one method to save our knowledge. Using this method, we can produce - let say - books. Along with advances in technology, we can convert paper into file. Since the speed of Internet is becoming faster, video [...]

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Auditd - Tool for Security Auditing on Linux Server

What is auditd

Security is one of the main factor that we need to consider. We must maintain it because we don't want someone steal our data. Security includes many things. Audit, is one of it. On Linux system, we know that we [...]

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How to Hide Appplication Port Using knockd in Linux

knock to close port

As a system administrator, we should do everything to secure our server from attackers. As the internet grows, threats to our server is also growing. One of the popular entrances to attack our server is through the port on your [...]

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14 Linux ps Command with Practical Examples

show in hierarchy

Linux ps command is a built-in tool to capture current processes on the system. It will capture the system condition at a single time. If you want to have repetitive updates in a real-time, we can use the top command. [...]

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Web-vmstat Tool - Show Vmstats in Chart / Graphical Mode

Full web-vmstats

Today's applications are made on web-based form. This can be understand that web applications are easy to see on every devices. Since the trend of smartphones and tablets, the use of web based applications are increasing rapidly. On Linux system, [...]

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Mosh Tool - An Alternative Option for SSH and How to Use It

Mosh custom port

For those who love to work remotely, must know about SSH. This protocol is widely used by system administrators. SSH is also available in all platforms like Linux, Unix, Microsoft Windows, and Macintosh. But today, we have Mosh as an [...]

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How to Use "Script" Command To Record Linux Terminal Session

Script with notification

This script command is very helpful for system admin. If any problem occurs to the system, it is very difficult to find what command was executed previously. Hence, system admin knows the importance of this script command. Sometimes you are on [...]

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Shell in a Box - Remote to your Linux Server via Web Browser

Some options on shellinabox

System Administrator usually use SSH to remote his Linux servers. So he might need a SSH client to do that. If he use a Linux client, his Linux might already have SSH client installed. If he use Windows client, one [...]

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Gnome Connection Manager - A GUI for Remote Management

Shortcut Setting

Remote activity is something that usually done by a system administrator. The remote protocol that might be used is SSH and/or telnet. When he has a lot of remote screen to manage, then it is very likely that the screens [...]

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ClusterSSH - Manage multiple ssh session at the same Time

ClusterSSH in action

Most of server administrator run SSH for maintaining his servers. When he manages a lot of servers, then he may need to open multiple SSH sessions. If the maintenance activity is using the same commands on each server, typing commands [...]

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Learn Linux Directory Structure in a Shiny Sketch

/usr vs /usr/local on Ubuntu

Linux is an operating system which popular in server world. But now there are a lot of Linux distributions which also expand to desktop world. As the Linux usage grows, now Linux has Graphical User Interface (GUI) which make easier [...]

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Install terminology - A terminal with fancy Features

Shortcut key

Even Linux is now become more and more friendly with a nice Graphical User Interface (GUI), there are some Linux users who prefer work with commands. Specially for system administrators. There are some tasks that could be more efficient done [...]

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How to install and use bmon - Real time bandwidth monitor in Linux

Bmon page

Maintaining a network also means maintaining its bandwidth. Bandwidth leak will lead the network to users complain and may impact to slow response from application. On Linux system, we can use a tool called bmon to monitor the bandwidth in [...]

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