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Pungki , currently working as a Linux / Unix administrator for a banking company. He love to work in Linux / Unix since it's fun for him. He is also interested in information technology, information security and writing.

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Aptitude - An Interface to Debian GNU / Linux Package System

For you who use Debian Linux or Ubuntu and its derivative such as Linux Mint, will surely know about Advanced Packaging Tool (APT) system. As you can guess from its name, apt is used as package management tool. The most popular command may be apt-get command. Generally, or at least apt-get is used to install […]

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9 Linux Uname Command Examples To Get Operating System Details

When you are in console mode, there is no 'Right click > About' to give you information about your operating system. In Linux, you can use command uname to help you about that. Uname is the short name for unix name. Just type uname in console. When you type uname without parameter, it will only […]

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Terminator - Multiple GNOME Terminal in one Window

Linux Administrator usually prefers to use console in a working environment. Especially when he/she need to remote another computer. Console is more flexible than graphical interface. It's not a secret that Linux Administrator can use more than one console simultaneously. When it happens, he/she may not see those consoles at the same time. If he/she […]

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