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Shell Script to Backup Files / Directories Using rsync

This article we bring shell scripts to backup your files / directories from you local linux machine to a remote linux server using rsync command. This would be an interactive way to perform backup , where you need to provide remote backup server hostname / ip address and folder location. We keep a separate file where […]

May 20, 2015 | By
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Interactive Shell Script to Copy Files / Directory using SCP

Today we have interactive shell script that will copy files / directory to source to destination. This script will allow copy multiple files and directories. Script will only work assuming you have configured ssh key based authentication between two machines. Script will request to input destination hostname or ip address and path of destination folder. […]

May 8, 2015 | By
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Shell Script to Check Linux System Health

This article we are introducing a shell script to perform linux system health check. This script collects system information and status like hostname, kernel version, uptime, cpu / memory / disk usage. Script uses hostname, uptime, who, mpstat, lscpu, ps, top, df, free, bc commands to get system information and cut, grep, awk and sed for […]

September 10, 2014 | By
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