Bash Insulter - Get Insulted When Typing Wrong Linux Commands

Bash Insulter is a funny CLI tool that insults you randomly when you type a wrong command. It can bring out a smile on these long working days. This tool is open-source and its code is available in the official Github repository.


Open your terminal and execute this commands separately:

git clone bash-insulter
sudo cp bash-insulter/src/bash.command-not-found /etc

Add the following to /etc/bash/bash.rc to have the tool working on future logins:

if [ -f /etc/bash.command-not-found ]; then
. /etc/bash.command-not-found

I recommend adding it at the end of the file and leaving a comment to identify what those lines are. You should have something like this:

bash insulter - edit bashrc

Re-login and start typing some wrong commands to see the magic :-)


bash insulter - insult one
bash insulter - insult two
bash insulter - insult three

You'll note that sometimes it won't insult. Don't worry, that's normal, Linux isn't always angry.

Change insults

You can add/delete/edit insults as you want. Just edit /bash-insulter/src/bash.commant-not-found

For example, I'll remove all the default insults and add my own ones. All you have to do is add/remove/edit the strings in local INSULTS=(...)

bash insulter - change insults

Then, execute again this command:

sudo cp bash-insulter/src/bash.command-not-found /etc

Re-login and the new insults will be available:

bash insulter - new insults test

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