Best Linux Distros for 2021

Each Linux distribution has its own uniqueness and features. It becomes best when it continuously improves in quality, features, user experience and security.

This tutorial is about the best Linux distributions for beginners and experienced users.

Please also note that our description is not presented in any particular order. There is a likelihood that your preferred Linux distribution may not be captured in the description list since our description is based on the various user tastes fetched from various forums, and distribution ratings on the internet. Feel free to give us your views on the same.

Best Linux Distro 2021

The best Linux distribution - have to consider for beginners and experienced. Based on interest users can choose the their Linux Distributions.

For beginners choose Linux distribution which give ease of use Desktop, out of box working network and graphics and range of software. For experience users consider stability, reliability and security.

Best Linux Distros for Beginners

The following are the Best Linux Distributions that are recommended for Beginners and intermediate users.

Ubuntu - Ubuntu is one of the best and well-know Linux distribution. It provides good user experience. Ubuntu LTS version gives good stability. Its features, security and free software's make it popular. Ubuntu is Debian based distribution and most software's can be synced with Debian repositories. It work out of the box on all new hardware.

Linux Mint - Mint is one of the popular desktop Linux distribution. It provided one best multimedia support. Mint is based on Ubuntu. Mint run pretty faster in all hardware. Best to consider using as your workstation distro. Linux Mint has a great community support.

Elementary OS - Elementary OS is one of best Linux distribution for newcomers. It comes its own unique apps and user interfaces which makes it look delightful. It is based on Ubuntu and works pretty fast.

Pop!_OS - Pop!_OS is based on Ubuntu. Best choice for gamers and beginners. System76 company made Pop OS, they continuously bringing changes and updates for quality. Out of the box comes with a good support for graphics. Pop!_OS has nice and pretty desktop environment. Feature such as window tiling, desktop easier using cosmic make it very unique.

Zorin OS - Zorin OS provide best experience for Windows and macOS users which comes with similar interface. It support many old hardware. Zorin OS is based on Ubuntu. It is perfect Linux OS for newcomers and looks beautiful.

Manjaro Linux - Manjaro Linux is based on Arch. New package and update comes sooner being a rolling distro. It comes out of the box with a lot of nice selection on tools and software. It is suitable for both newcomers and experiences users.

MX Linux - MX Linux is a stable and flexible Linux Distribution. It is based on Debian. Beginners able to tweak all settings from GUI tools. MX Linux provide provide nice Desktop experience using XFCE, KDE and Fluxbox.

Best Linux Distros for Experienced users

Debian - Debian is very stable, fewer updates, it's thoroughly tested. Each version of Debian can be used Long term. Debian is one of the largest community driven distribution. Debian is not based on any other distribution. Debian is one of the best Linux distribution for server.

Fedora - Fedora has a vast availability of software and very frequent releases. Its brings reliable software and tools, support for flatpak and repository. If you have some experience in Linux, then Fedora is a good choice. Fedora is best for teaching purpose as it bring lots of educational software. Its has the best of Red Hat Linux.

Arch Linux - Arch Linux is best for its customizability and software repositories. Arch has a rolling release system, ie once installed, only need to keep updating. Arch comes as minimal operating and you have to make it as per your choice. Arch Linux is a community driven project like Debian.

Kali Linux - Kali Linux is a Debian based Linux distribution. It is popular for digital forensics and penetration testing tools which comes pre-installed.

OpenSUSE - OpenSUSE is community Linux Distribution sponsored by SUSE and other companies. OpenSUSE offers Leap - LTS style distribution and Tumbleweed - use rolling release. It is very flexible - easy to re-purpose as a web or mail server. Like other Linux distribution, OpenSUSE allows to choose different desktop environment such as Gnome, KDE, Cinnamon, Mate, XFCE and more.


To conclude the best Linux distributions, I should mention CentOS 8 alternative Rocky Linux is now production ready.

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  1. I like a lot of Linux Distros. MXLinux (Mate), Sparky (Mate), and LMDE (converted to Mate) are probably my favorite three.


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