This category includes the installations and management of various Desktop environments & its applications.

Install Open Source TV Streaming Server TvHeadend in Linux Mint 17.x

video recorder

TvHeadend is TV streaming server for Linux based systems. It supports Digital Video Broadcasting standards (DVB-S, DVB-S2, DVB-C, DVB-T), Advanced Television Systems Committee standards (ATSC), IPTV, and V4L as input sources. It supports HTSP (Home TV Streaming Protocol) , RTSP [...]

Aun Raza 6:00 am

How to Install LXQt 0.9.0 Desktop Environment in Ubuntu

LXQT desktop

Hi everyone, in this tutorial we'll learn about how to install the latest LXQT 0.9.0 Desktop Environment in Ubuntu Operating System and its derivatives like Linux Mint, Elementary OS, and many more. This article also includes some introduction and changelog [...]

Arun Pyasi 6:00 am

How To Install XFCE 4.12 in Mint 17.x and Arch Linux

XFCE 4.12 Arch

XFCE is a well know desktop environment for Linux, Solaris, and BSD systems. It is fast, lightweight, user friendly, GTK+ 2 toolkit based desktop environment. It comes with a wide range of applications and Linux users find it very useful [...]

Aun Raza 6:00 am

Install Korora 21- A Fedora Based User Friendly Operating System

Korora Desktop

Korora was originally a Gentoo Linux operating system. It was first released in 2005, but shut down in 2007; then the OS took rebirth in 2010 as “Fedora-remix” distribution. Fedora has been known to be an excellent distribution for professionals [...]

Aun Raza 8:04 am

How to Install Manjaro Linux (Easy Steps)

manjaro Desktop

Manjaro Linux is a desktop oriented operating system which is based on the Arch Linux philosophy. Arch Linux distributions are independently developed operating systems  and their primary focus is simplicity and ease of use. Arch Linux provides the latest stable [...]

Aun Raza 6:00 am

Install Mind Blowing Xfce 4.12 Desktop Environment on Linux

Xfce wallpaper

Hi everyone, this article is all about what is Xfce Desktop Environment, installation procedure and some features of the new release of Xfce ie version 4.12 . There are a lot of Desktop Environments in the world of Linux Distributions. Most [...]

Arun Pyasi 7:00 am

How To Install / Configure VNC Server On CentOS 7.0


Hi there, this tutorial is all about how to install or setup VNC Server on your very CentOS 7. This tutorial also works fine in RHEL 7.  In this tutorial, we'll learn what is VNC and how to install or [...]

Arun Pyasi 6:00 am

How to use XDMCP for Remote Desktop Access on Linux


In this article, I will show you how to configure your Linux system to use graphical (GUI) login with XDMCP service to access remote GUI. Most Linux admins work from shell and there is not much requirement to connect to [...]

Bobbin Zachariah 9:16 pm