This category covers topics including various linux command line utilities and its uses.

Linux System Performance Monitoring Using Sar Command

Linux Monitoring

Linux sar command is one of the very useful tool for any Linux administrator to monitor the system performance and to investigate the bottlenecks. This tool is provided by the sysstat package and can be used to find a variety [...]

Bobbin Zachariah 8:53 pm

What Is Linux RPM And Installing, Uninstalling, Updating, Querying,Verifying RPM

What is RPM? Anybody who works with Linux knows what RPM is unless a newbie. RPM stands for redhat package manager. Although RPM was designed originally for REDHAT Linux, any other Linux version supports for RPM. What can RPM do for you? [...]

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7 Examples Linux Dmidecode Command - Display Hardware Details In BIOS

Dmidecode command reads the system DMI (Desktop Management Interface) table to display hardware and BIOS information of the server. The output of the dmidecode contains several records from the DMI table. This table contains a description of the systems hardware [...]

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