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How to Setup Ansible Automation Tool in CentOS 7

Apache with Ansible

Hello and welcome to our today's most important article on Ansible Automation Tool that is similar to Chef or Puppet. First of all Ansible is easy to install, simple to configure and easy to understand. In IT its very important [...]

Kashif Siddique 3:00 am

How to Setup Centralized Backup Server with Amanda On CentOS 7

Amanda Client

Amanda (Advanced Maryland Automatic Network Disk Archiver) is the most popular open source backup and recovery software in the world that protects more than a million servers and desktops running various versions of Linux, UNIX, BSD, Mac OS-X and Microsoft [...]

Kashif Siddique 3:00 am

How to Build a Minecraft Server on your CentOS 7

MINECRAFT is an open world video game developed in Java, originally created by Markus "Notch" Persson and maintained by Mojang AB. It is presently owned by Microsoft studios as well. This game involves players interacting within by placing and breaking various [...]

Saheetha Shameer 3:00 am

A Guide to Install and Use ZFS on CentOS 7

ZFS CentOS 7

ZFS, the short form of Zettabyte Filesystem is an advanced and highly scalable filesystem. It was originally developed by Sun Microsystems and is now part of the OpenZFS project. With so many filesystems available on Linux, it is quite natural [...]

B N Poornima 3:00 am

How to Install Sysdig System Diagnosing Tool on Ubuntu 15 / CentOS 7

Sysdig topfiles

Hello and welcome to our todays article on Linux system exploration and troubleshooting tool Sysdig with first class support for containers. Sysdig capture system state and activity from a running Linux instance, then save, filter and analyze. You can use [...]

Kashif Siddique 3:00 am

How to Install PrestaShop on CentOS 7

PrestaShop is the most powerful, dynamic and fully-featured free eCommerce software enriched with innovative tools. It is used by more than 2,50,000 people around the world for making their online stores at no cost. It's been used widely across the [...]

Saheetha Shameer 3:00 am

How to Perform Network Sniffing with Tshark

Nmap standard scanNmap standard scan

This time let's talk about Tshark, a powerful command-line network analyzer that comes with the well known Wireshark. It works like Tcpdump, but with powerful decoders and filters, capable to capture information of different network layers or protocols, and display in [...]

Carlos Alberto 3:42 am

How to Install Interworx on CentOS 7

InterWorx is a hosting control panel purely based on Linux. It relies on the RPM package system for distribution of InterWorx itself, as well as for handling various software packages for web hosting platforms. Hence, It strongly recommends to have [...]

Saheetha Shameer 3:00 am

How to Setup Lighttpd Web server on Ubuntu 15.04 / CentOS 7

install lighttpd ubuntu

Lighttpd is an open source web server which is secure, fast, compliant, and very flexible and is optimized for high-performance environments. It uses very low memory compared to other web servers , small CPU load and speed optimization making it [...]

Arun Pyasi 3:00 am

How to Add New Disk in Linux CentOS 7 Without Rebooting

Increase / Partition

Increasing disk spaces on the Linux servers is a daily routine work for very system administrator. So, in this article we are going to show you some simple simple steps that you can use to increase your disk spaces on [...]

Kashif Siddique 3:00 am

How to Install MariaDB 10 on CentOS 7 CPanel Server

MariaDB is a enhanced open source and drop-in replacement for MySQL. It is developed by MariaDB community and available under the terms of the GPL v2 license. Software Security is the main focus for the MariaDB developers. They maintain its [...]

Saheetha Shameer 3:00 am

How to Set Nginx as Reverse Proxy on Centos7 CPanel

Nginx is one of the fastest and most powerful web-server. It is known for its high performance and low resource utilization. It can be installed as both a standalone and a Reverse Proxy Web-server. In this article, I'm discussing about [...]

Saheetha Shameer 3:00 am

How to Install Concrete5 CMS on Ubuntu 15.04 / CentOS

Login Screen Concrete5

Concrete5 is a free and open source content management system published under MIT License. It is designed for making creating and deploying of website pretty easy for users with a minimum of technical skills. It is developed in PHP programming language [...]

Arun Pyasi 3:00 am

How to Install Solaris 10/11 on VMware Workstation 12

Launch Solaris

Hello and welcome to our today's article on Installation of Solaris using VMware Workstation. Oracle Solaris 11 is the world's most advanced enterprise operating system that delivers security, speed, and simplicity for enterprise cloud environments and DevOps. In our previous [...]

Kashif Siddique 3:00 am