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How to Extend and Resize LVM Partition in Linux

extend resize lvm linux

Logical Volume Manager(LVM) allows the Linux kernel to manage large disk drives effectively. This allows users to create partitions from more than one disk and allows them to extend the filesystem size online within a few seconds. In this article, [...]

Bobbin Zachariah 11:51 am

Linux Scan for New Scsi Device to Detect New Lun without Reboot

How do you verify or scan once storage LUN is mapped or allocated to your system? In this article, I will show you how to scan scsi device on Linux system. Reboot is one option to see the allocated disk [...]

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How To Use Linux Kill Command

Linux Kill Command

The word kill itself shows its clear meaning and purpose. In Linux, kill command is used for terminating the process. The command kill sends the specified signal to the specified process or the process group. First we need find PID [...]

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CPU Bottleneck - How To Use Vmstat, Mpstat and SAR Commands

Linux CPU

One of the main functions the kernel or Operating System is Memory Management. When process try to access physical memory, if physical memory not free, than kernel move the inactive processes to virtual memory then it is called Paging. To know [...]

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6 Commands to Monitor CPU Usage in Linux

Command CPU check usage linux

CPU is core part the system and processes all the task. There are many methods to check the CPU performance on linux system. Most commonly used commands are top, ps, sar, iostat, mpstat and to check the daily CPU performance. [...]

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How to Find Unallocated Space on Linux

When managing a server, you can need to operate on data storage. To do it better, you can need to know how to manage unallocated disk space. Unallocated space is the unused space on the Hard disk which has not [...]

Bobbin Zachariah 11:50 pm

How to Access/Mount Samba Share on Linux Command Line

Samba Linux

Samba is a service in Linux that provides seamless file and print service to SMB/CIFS clients. One of the main features of Samba is that it allows interoperability between Linux/Unix servers and Windows-based clients. In general, you can share resource-like files [...]

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How to Create, Format and Mount Filesystems in Linux

Linux Filesystem

A filesystem is an organization of data and metadata on storage device. If you want to access any files in unix-like OS, the filesystem has to be mounted where the file resides. Well know linux filesystems are Ext, Ext2, Ext3, [...]

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How to Check Linux Shared Memory using ipcs Command

Shared Memory

Shared memory is the memory that may be accessed by multiple processes; i.e. a memory region that can be shared between different processes and a better way of passing data between two processes. Shared memory is the fastest form of [...]

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How to Flush Routing Table from Cache in Linux

Routing Table

In this article, I will describe how to flush routing table in Linux using terminal commands. A routing table in computer networking is a data table that's stored on a router or network server which lists the routes to particular network destinations. Usually, each [...]

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How to Create Swap File/Partition on Linux

Swap Linux

Swap memory is required when the system requires more memory than it is physically available. The kernel swaps out less used pages and gives memory to the current process that needs the memory immediately. So a page of memory is [...]

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How to View Attached/Allocated Luns on Linux

Storage Lun

When you are working in a storage environment, it is often desirable to add, remove or re-size storage devices while the operating system is running and without rebooting. But instead of doing theses operations, you can most need to identify/show [...]

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How to use XDMCP for Remote Desktop Access on Linux


In this article, I will show you how to configure your Linux system to use graphical (GUI) login with XDMCP service to access remote GUI. Most Linux admins work from shell and there is not much requirement to connect to [...]

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How to Backup LVM Configuration on Linux (vgcfgbackup & vgcfgrestore)

LVM Backup

Due to several reason a volume group may become corrupted after unintended user intervention. LVM will not be aware of this situation unless the alternate is already on the volume group, and may allow to add the alternate path to [...]

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