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How to Forcefully Unmount NFS Mounted Directory in Linux

NFS Linux

When you do an NFS mount, it sometimes shows busy status, in such case we need to perform force unmount in a graceful way. There are different ways and options we can try out if normal nfs unmount fails. Usually, [...]

Bobbin Zachariah 12:21 pm

Easy Steps Enabling SNMP and Configuration In Linux

SNMP Linux

Before I explain about Linux SNMP configuration, I'll let you know what is SNMP. Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP) is a well known protocol for network management. It is really hard to manage large networks that have thousands of network device. [...]

jomos 12:17 pm

How to Use Linux Tr Command with Examples

Linux Tr command

The tr command is used in Linux for translating characters. it needs two sets of characters. It replaces occurrences of the characters in the first set with the corresponding character from the second set. For example, tr command can be used [...]

Bobbin Zachariah 12:01 pm

How to Set and View StickyBit, SUID & SGID in Linux with Examples

Sticky Bit , GUID , SUID

In this article, we explain special permissions that work on files and directories named as Stickybit, SUID and SGID. What is  Sticky Bit The sticky bit works on directories only. If a user wants to create or delete a file/directory [...]

Raghu 9:22 pm