This category introduces the installation/configuration of many useful open source tools to ease your job.

How to Configure Apache Solr on Ubuntu 14 / 15

adding Document

Hello and welcome to our today's article on Apache Solr. The brief description about Apache Solr is that it is an Open Source most famous search platform with Apache Lucene at the back end for Web sites that enables you [...]

Kashif Siddique 3:00 am

How to Install Android Studio on Ubuntu 15.04/CentOS 7

Welcome screen

With the advancement of smartphones in recent years, Android has become one of the biggest phone platforms and all the tools required to build Android applications are also freely available. Android Studio is an Integrated Development Environment (IDE) for developing [...]

B N Poornima 3:00 am

How to Install uTox Client on Tails

In this tutorial, our focus is persistent installation of  uTox software on the Tails security distribution. uTox is lightweight TOX client for instant messaging. TOX application provides an easy and secure way  to users to connect with friends/family over insecure [...]

shah 3:00 am

How to Install Moodle LMS on Ubuntu 14 / 15

Moodle Dashboard

Moodle is one of the most widely used Open Source Learning Management System by different institutions in the World due to its cost effective and distance learning features for the students. It can be customized for its management features and [...]

Kashif Siddique 3:00 am

How to Setup OpenGTS GPS Tracking System on Ubuntu / CentOS

OpenGTS Server Admin

Hello everybody, today we are going to show you the installation and configuration steps to use OpenGTS that is well known as Open GPS Tracking System. OpenGTS is the only open source and web based GPS tracking system which is [...]

Kashif Siddique 3:00 am

How to Configure Tripwire IDS on Debian

This article is about Tripwire installation and configuration on Debian OS. It is a host based Intrusion detection system (IDS)  for Linux environment. Prime function of tripwire IDS is to detect and report any unauthorized change (files and directories ) [...]

shah 3:00 am

How to Setup Pfsense Firewall and Basic Configuration

In this article our focus is Pfsense setup, basic configuration and overview of features available in the security distribution of FreeBSD. In this tutorial we will run network wizard for basic setting of firewall and detailed overview of services. After [...]

shah 3:00 am

How to Install and Configure PostgreSQL with phpPgAdmin on CentOs 7

Using phpPgAdmin

Hi everybody! Our today's article is on PostgreSQL with phpPgAdmin installation setup on CentOS 7. PostgreSQL is one of the major and important open-source relational database management systems that have helped to shape the world of application development with advanced, [...]

Kashif Siddique 3:00 am

How to Setup Installation of Kolab Groupware on CentOS 7.0

Kolab Server Maintenance

Kolab is a free, secure, scalable, reliable and open source groupware server with a web administration interface, management resources, synchronization for several devices and more. Different clients can have access to variety of it features that includes Kolab client for [...]

Kashif Siddique 3:00 am

How to Install and Configure ISPConfig CP on CentOS 7.x

using ispconfig

When we talk about web hosting or want to manage one or multiple web sites through a user friendly web interface then there comes different web hosting control panels some of them are proprietary and many are open source. ISPConfig [...]

Kashif Siddique 3:00 am

How to Setup Vesta Control Panel on Ubuntu 14.04 / 15.04

VestaCP Dashboard

Hello and welcome to the new article on Vesta Open Source Web Hosting Control Panel. If you are going to use a web hosting control panel to make managing things quicker and easier with the availability of your required features [...]

Kashif Siddique 3:00 am

How to Setup ZPanel CP on Linux CentOS 6

zpanelcp dashboard

Today we are going to show you about one of the most important solution of web hosting control panel which is more than an open source application that works on Windows and Linux that is ZPanel. Its written in PHP [...]

Kashif Siddique 3:00 am

How to Install and Setup Asterisk 13 (PBX) on Centos 7.x

launch asterisk

Asterisk (PBX) is an open source communication server released under the GPL license maintained by Gigium and Asterisk community. Asterisk is used for creating communication applications that turns an ordinary computer into a communication server. So, using the Asterisk in [...]

Kashif Siddique 3:00 am

How to Install and Setup Sentora CP on CentOS 7

start installation

Hello everybody, in today’s Linux article we are going to show you the complete setup of Sentora on CentOS-7.0 which is another open source and modern web hosting control panel. Sentora is a fully featured, easy to manage and with [...]

Kashif Siddique 3:00 am