This category introduces the installation/configuration of many useful open source tools to ease your job.

How to Install Scrapy a Web Crawling Tool in Ubuntu 14.04 LTS

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It is an open source software which is used for extracting the data from websites. Scrapy framework is developed in Python and it perform the crawling job in fast, simple and extensible way.  We have created a Virtual Machine (VM) [...]

shah 10:45 am

How to Install Drupal 7.x with Apache 2.x on Ubuntu 14.04

Drupal is an open source software maintained and developed by a community of 721,200+ users and developers across the globe. Its written in PHP and a backend database, such as MySQL. Thousands of add-on modules and designs let you build any [...]

Arun Pyasi 11:40 am

How to Install Bugzilla 4.4 on Ubuntu / CentOS 6.x


Here, we are gonna show you how we can install Bugzilla in an Ubuntu 14.04 or CentOS 6.5/7. Bugzilla is a Free and Open Source Software(FOSS) which is web based bug tracking tool used to log and track defect database, [...]

Arun Pyasi 11:00 am

How to Hide Appplication Port Using knockd in Linux

knock to close port

As a system administrator, we should do everything to secure our server from attackers. As the internet grows, threats to our server is also growing. One of the popular entrances to attack our server is through the port on your [...]

Pungki Arianto 11:00 am

How to Setup Grav Flat-File Based CMS in a Hosting Server


Grav is a Fast, Simple, powerfull, and Flexible file-based Modern CMS which means it doesn't use databases to store informations, it uses files to store its configurations and contents. It requires no installation, you just extract the ZIP archive, and you [...]

Arun Pyasi 11:00 am

How to Install AWStats on Ubuntu 14.04

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AWStats is a free and open source log analyzer and analytics reporting tool that generates advanced server statistics. It supports web, streaming, ftp or mail logs. It can be used from the command line or from the CGI interface and [...]

Adrian Dinu 11:00 am

How to use Apache JMeter to Test Perfomance of Webserver

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Today I will show you how to test a web server using Apache JMeter, a desktop application that is free and open source software, written in Java and designed to load test functional behavior and measure performance of web servers. [...]

Adrian Dinu 11:00 am

Duplicati - An Open Source Powerful Free Backup Tool

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Duplicati is an open source free backup program that creates backups with the ability to store them securely encrypted, incremental and compressed on cloud storage services and remote file servers. At the moment it has the ability to work with [...]

Adrian Dinu 11:00 am

pidstat - Monitor and Find Statistics for Linux Procesess

pidstat pf mem

The pidstat command is used for monitoring individual tasks currently being managed by the Linux kernel. It writes to standard output activities for every task managed by the Linux kernel. The pidstat command can also be used for monitoring the [...]

Adrian Dinu 12:00 pm

Collectl Examples - An Awesome Performance Analysis Tool in Linux

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Collectl is a light-weight performance monitoring tool capable of reporting interactively as well as logging to disk. It reports statistics on CPU, disk, infiniband, lustre, memory, network, nfs, process, quadrics, slabs and more in easy to read format. Unlike most [...]

Adrian Dinu 11:00 am

Monit - Monitor Linux Daemon, Filesystem, CPU , Files and Network

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Monit is a small linux utility designed to manage and monitor processes, programs, filesystems, directories and files. You can have it run automatic maintenance and repair and can execute meaningful causal actions in error situations. You can use Monit to [...]

Adrian Dinu 11:00 am

How to Install and Use Sysdig from Linux Command Line

sysdig security

Sysdig is a tool that gives admins and developers unprecedented visibility into the behavior of their systems. The team that develops it wants to improve the way system-level monitoring and troubleshooting is done by offering a unified, coherent, and granular [...]

Adrian Dinu 11:00 am

logcheck - A tool to Monitor Linux System Log Activity

logcheck mail

Logcheck is a software package that is designed to automatically run and check system log files for security violations and unusual activity, it utilizes a program called logtail that remembers the last position it read from the log file. It [...]

Adrian Dinu 10:18 am

Browse Long and Complex Files using Glogg an Open Source Log Analyzer

Are you a programmer or a system administrator? Does your job requires you to search through long and complex log files? Although there are many command line tools (like grep) that you can use for this purpose, if you are [...]

Himanshu Arora 9:00 am