How to Configure PBIS to Join Ubuntu with Windows AD

In this article, we will install and configure PowerBroker Identity Services (PBIS) on the Ubuntu 14.04 in order to join together with Windows Active Directory. We also will consider how to remove stale computer account from AD using dsquery command. Download and Install To start with, we need to download the latest version of PowerBroker […]

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How to Measure Internet Consumption from Linux Terminal

Nbwmon is a ncurses based bandwidth monitor tool that can be used to get detailed information like, transmitted and received traffic for a network interface. Nbwmon comes with lots of features some of them are listed below: Supports Ethernet, Wireless and Mobile Internet connections. Display current, average and maximum upload and download speed. Print total […]

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5 Steps Start Ubuntu 16.04, 17.04 in Text Mode

The advantages of text modes as compared to graphics modes include lower memory consumption and faster screen manipulation. Text mode or console mode or command line mode saves a lot of RAM uses so most of the time it is very beneficial to boot desktop in text mode. This post is a simple explanation to how […]

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How to Install Open Visual Traceroute on Ubuntu 16.04

Open Visual Traceroute is a free and open source Java based visual traceroute and packet sniffer tool that can be used to display data in a 3D or a 2D map component. You can easily export data to image file or text file using Open Visual Traceroute. It is available for Linux, Mac OS X, […]

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How to Install OpenMaint on Ubuntu 16.04

openMAINT is an open source platform for facility and property management of all scales and industries. It is which can be used for the management of infrastructure, assets, buildings, and other professional equipment. It also helps in streamlining the maintenance processes and allows to make decisions while allocating resources for the new projects. OpenMaint is […]

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How to Install Consul Server on Ubuntu 16

In this article, we are going to show you the installation and configuration of Consul server on Ubuntu 16.04 LTS. Consul a solution for service discovery and configuration management system which is completely distributed, highly available, and scales to thousands of nodes and services across multiple datacenters. It helps finding services applications requirements like database, […]

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How to Install EmojiOne Color SVGinOT Font in Ubuntu

SVG in Open Type(SVGinOT) is a standard by Adobe and Mozilla for color OpenType and Open Font Format fonts. It allows font creators to embed complete SVG files within a font enabling full color and even animations. EmojiOne Color Font uses glyphs from the free Emoji One artwork. The font works in all operating systems, […]

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How to Configure IPsec VPN Using Libreswan

The purpose of IPsec based VPN is to encrypt traffic at the network layer of the OSI model so the attacker cannot eavesdrop between client and the VPN server. In our previous articles on strongswan which is also provides the IPsec protocol functionality on Windows, Linux and Mac OS. However, LibreSwan and OpenSwan tools are […]

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How to Install Kanboard and Authenticate Using Ldap on Ubuntu Linux

Kanboard is a free and open source project management software program which is designed to manage projects efficiently using kanban methodology. Using kanban method one can visualize the work-flow, limiting work in progress and work efficiently. There is a clear overview of the project with a board where each column represents a step in a […]

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How to Setup Graphite with Statsd on an Ubuntu 16.04

Hi, today we are going to show you installation and configuration of Graphite and Statsd on Ubuntu 16.04 LTS. In short Graphite is a highly scalable real-time graphing system which provides real-time visualization and storage of numeric time-series data. This means that Graphite requires other applications to collect and transfer the data points. The Graphite […]

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How to Setup Seafile File Storage Server on Ubuntu 16.04

Seafile storage server is an open-source cloud-based file storage system similar to Dropbox. Seafile can be deployed on a client’s own system and  this feature provides a stronger security as the passwords are only interchanged between the client who setup the system and his / her own users rather than a cloud hosting organization. This article […]

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How To Synchronize Files / Folders Using FreeFileSync on Ubuntu

We are living in the area of cloud computing where lot of free services are available that let us sync our important data for the sake of backup to the remote cloud storage. But what if we do not want to store our confidential data on cloud? well, thankfully FreeFileSync is available. It is a […]

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How to Encrypt / Decrypt Files Using EncryptPad Utility on Linux

Consider a situation where you need to share your important/sensitive data with your family or friends or your critical data is stored in forms of text files on your laptop; there are always chances of hacking or information theft. The solution to such issues is encryption, and thankfully we are living in the area where […]

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How to Setup RatticDB Password Management Service on Ubuntu 16.04

RatticDB is an open source Django based password management service. The API provided by it is used for access by outside programs, and audit logs to ensure full accountability. There is also a "Change Queue" so as to track which passwords need to be changed and when. 1. Install Pre-requisite Update your system and install […]

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