How to Setup FreeBSD 11 Webserver with Nginx, Mysql, PHP 7.0 (PHP FPM)

We have been running LEMP stack ie Nginx, MySQL and PHP in Linux based operating system but today we'll be installing FEMP stack on FreeBSD 11. FreeBSD is a free and open source Unix-like operating system based on BSD systems. Unlike Linux, FreeBSD is developed and maintained as an entire operating system from kernel, device […]

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How to Install WordPress on FreeBSD 11 with Apache, PHP and MySQL

WordPress is a free and open source content management system written on PHP and MySQL which powers most of the websites running in the web now a days. WordPress powers more than 26.4% of the top 10 million websites as of April 2016, supporting more than 60 million websites on the web. It is developed […]

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How to Install Tomcat 8 on Ubuntu 16.04 (Multiple Instances)

Apache Tomcat commonly called as Tomcat is an open source Webserver and Servlet container developed by Apache Software Foundation. It is written in Java and released under Apache 2.0 License. This is a cross platform application. Tomcat is actually composed of a number of components, including a Tomcat JSP engine and a variety of different […]

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How to Setup Lighttpd Web server on Ubuntu 15.04 / CentOS 7

Lighttpd is an open source web server which is secure, fast, compliant, and very flexible and is optimized for high-performance environments. It uses very low memory compared to other web servers , small CPU load and speed optimization making it popular among the server for its efficiency and speed. Its advanced feature-set (FastCGI, CGI, Auth, Output-Compression, […]

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How to Set Nginx as Reverse Proxy on Centos7 CPanel

Nginx is one of the fastest and most powerful web-server. It is known for its high performance and low resource utilization. It can be installed as both a standalone and a Reverse Proxy Web-server. In this article, I'm discussing about the installation of Nginx as a reverse proxy along with Apache on a CPanel server […]

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How to Enable Multiple PHP-FPM Instances with Nginx / Apache

PHP-FPM is also known as PHP FastCGI Process Manager. It is an advancement of PHP FastCGI implementation with more useful features for handling heavy-loaded servers and websites. Some of those features are listed below: New Features Advanced process managament capability with graceful start/stop options. Ability to run the processes with different userids/groupids listening on different ports […]

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How to Install Nginx as Reverse Proxy for Apache on FreeBSD 10.2

Nginx is free and open source HTTP server and reverse proxy, as well as an mail proxy server for IMAP/POP3. Nginx is high performance web server with rich of features, simple configuration and low memory usage. Originally written by Igor Sysoev on 2002, and until now has been used by a big technology company including […]

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How to Install Ghost with Nginx on FreeBSD 10.2

Node.js is open source runtime environment for developing the server-side applications. Node.js application is written in javascript and can be run on the server that running Node.js runtime. It is cross-platform runtime, running on Linux, Windows, OSX, IBM AIX, including FreeBSD. Node.js was created by Ryan Dahl and other developer working at Joyent on 2009. […]

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How to Configure Apache Containers with Docker on Fedora 22

In this article we are going to learn about Docker, how to use it to deploy Apache httpd and how can you share it on Docker Hub. First we are going to learn how to pull and use images hosted on Docker Hub, and then install Apache on an image of Fedora 22 interactively, after […]

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How To Setup WebDAV With Apache Web Server on Fedora 21

Hi everyone, today we'll learn how to setup WebDav with Apache2 Web Server on Fedora 21 Operating System. WebDAV stands for "Web-based Distributed Authoring and Versioning". It is a set of extensions to the HTTP protocol which allows users to collaboratively edit and manage files on remote web servers. The WebDAV protocol makes the Web a readable and […]

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How to Install WordPress with Nginx in a Docker Container

Hi all, today we'll learn how to install WordPress running Nginx Web Server in a Docker Container. WordPress is an awesome free and open source Content Management System running thousands of websites throughout the globe. Docker is an Open Source project that provides an open platform to pack, ship and run any application as a lightweight container. […]

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Nginx is Powerful - Easy Steps to Migrate WordPress From Apache

WordPress works well on a lot of web servers, most people have started the blog on Apache web server, because it's a very popular and established solution. Apache offers a lot of features, good performance, strong security and support for many programming language like PHP, Perl, Python, Tcl and so on. While Apache offers a […]

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7 Steps to Install CS-Cart v4 on nginx Webserver

Hi all, today we'll be installing and configuring CS-Cart v4 in our Linux Operating System running Nginx web server. CS-Cart is an Open Source PHP shopping cart software that uses MySQL to store data and Smarty template engine to build the website’s look and feel featuring hook-based modular architecture, modern design technologies, impressive flexibility . It is […]

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How to Install Apache Tomcat 8.0.x on Linux

Hi everyone, today we'll be learning how to install Tomcat 8.0.18 on Linux machine. This tutorial includes short description of Apache Tomcat and some significant features of Tomcat 8. Apache Tomcat is an open source web server and servlet container developed by the Apache Software Foundation. It implements the Java Servlet, JavaServer Pages (JSP), Java […]

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