6 Commands to Clear Linux Terminal

clear linux terminal

Sometimes, as you go about running commands on a Linux terminal, you may feel that the terminal is somewhat 'filled up' with commands and outputs of those commands. Therefore, you may want to clear the terminal to declutter it and continue from the top once more.

In this tutorial, we are going to outline how you can clear the Linux terminal.

1) clear command

Let's assume that your terminal is full of commands and output as shown below

clear the Linux terminal

Run the clear at the bottom of the terminal prompt.


The terminal screen gets cleared as shown below

clear the Linux terminal

2) reset command

Just as in the example above, you need to run reset command at the bottom of the terminal to clear the screen as shown.

clear the Linux terminal


As shown below, the terminal has been re-initialized by the reset command.

clear the Linux terminal

There's also the tput reset command which will also do the trick.

3) Using the Ctrl + L shortcut

Another Handy method of clearing the terminal is the use of ctrl+L keyboard shortcut. It will have the same effect as the clear or reset command.

4) Using the printf "\033c" command

Another method one can use is by typing printf "\033c" on the terminal prompt and hitting enter. This will also have the same effect of reinitilaizing the screen.
This can also be defined as an alias through

alias cls='printf "\033c"'

5) Clearing the Linux terminal for KDE

For a KDE terminal also referred to as Konsole, the following command comes in handy

clear && echo -en "\e[3J"

This can also be aliased as shown

alias cls='clear && echo -en "\e[3J"'

Furthermore, you can use the keyboard shortcut when dealing with Yakauke

ctrl + shift + k

6) Clearing the Linux terminal for GNOME - Ubuntu 18.04

For a GNOME terminal, like you would find in Ubuntu 18.04, you can add keyboard shortcuts as shown

Shift + ctrl + alt + c
clear Linux terminal


When using the above-mentioned methods to clear the screen, you'll notice that the screen (putty) is still scrollable. That is one call still scroll up using a mouse or cursor up key to the previous commands and their output. If you want to clear the screen without a scrollback use the command clear && clear:

clear && clear


In this article, we have shown how you can clear the Linux terminal. you are welcome to try out the commands outlined and provide feedback. Thank you.

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  1. reset and Ctrl-L pushes the contents off-screen, but doesn't delete them. You can use the scrollbars to to scroll up. clear, on the other hand, deletes the scrollback.

    • Sure, Mike, your observation is accurate. Nonetheless, the above-discussed commands declutter the terminal and give you some space to carry out additional tasks.


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