How to Configure vTiger CRM on CentOS 7

vTiger CRM is a web-based, modular and complete Open Source full-fledged customer relationship management system for sales force automation, customer support & service, marketing automation, procurement & fulfillment effectively. In addition to managing your customer data, vtiger offers also connectivity to a variety of other software systems in the existing software architecture. So vtiger can be connected to enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems without any problems, for example, to integrate already existing data into other critical processes of your business.

Vtiger CRM is a native thin-client, browser-based application built on the LAMP/WAMP (Linux/Windows, Apache, MySQL and PHP) stack. We will be going to install it on Linux CentOS 7 with LAMP setup.

1) Basic System Setup

Prepare your system with your minimum required system resources to install CentOS 7 and minimal packages on it and make sure that you have configured your server with a fully qualified domain name and are connected to Internet.

Then login to your server with root user or sudo user and update your with latest update with below command.

# yum update

2) LAMP Setup

You consider following our previous article to setup LAMP setup on CentOS 7 in details. We will be using Apache web server with MySQL MariaDB and PHP as a prerequisite of vTiger CRM installation on CentOS 7.

Starting the installation process of LAMP stack, let's run the below command that is all in one for installing Apache,MySQL and PHP with required libraries.

# yum install httpd php gd gd-devel php-gd php55w php55w-mysql mariadb-server php55w-mcrypt php55w-dom php55w-imap php55w-mbstring

Press on the 'Y' key and enter to continue installing all the packages including their dependencies as shown in the image below.

AMP installation

To start and enable services run automatically at the time of boot up, run the following commands.

# systemctl start httpd
# systemctl enable httpd
# systemctl start mariadb
# systemctl enable mariadb

3) vTiger DB Setup

After LAMP installation, now we connect to the MySQL/MariaDB after setting up its root user using below commands.

# mysql_secure_installation

After executing the above command you will asked for few configurations to secure your database. Let's choose the appropriate options as shown.

Secure MySQL

Now we can connect to the MySQL/MariaDB console using the root password. After connecting run the commands below to create a new database and its user with specific user rights on the vtiger DB.

# mysql -u root -p
> CREATE USER 'vtiger'@'localhost' IDENTIFIED BY 'tiger***';
> grant all privileges on `vtiger`.* to 'vtiger'@'localhost';
> exit
vtiger DB

4) Setup vTiger Download

To download the installation package of vTiger for Linux, open the link of vTiger Download Page .

vTiger Download

You can also copy the link of download source then use the below command to get it on your server.

# wget

To extract and move the package into the web document root directory use below commands.

# tar -zxvf vtigercrm6.4.0.tar.gz
# mv vtigercrm /var/www/html/
# chown apache: -R /var/www/html/vtigercrm

5) vTiger Web Installation

It's time to start the web installation of vTiger on CentOS 7. Open your web browser and point the URL below.
Installing vTiger

Welcome to Vtiger CRM 6 Setup Wizard.

This wizard will guide you through the installation of Vtiger CRM6, click on the 'INSTALL' button to proceed forward and accept the License agreement for using vTiger CRM.

vTiger Agreement

License Agreement

Next you will reach at the Prerequisites check page where you will see the difference between and required and the current values. You might need to fix some parameters in the configuration file of PHP that 'php.ini' according the recommended settings shown in this section.

Make sure to restart Apache services after make changes in PHP file and click on the retest button to verify all the prerequisites are fine.

Prerequisites check

Prerequisites Check

Choose the system configurations with database and admin user settings.

system configurations

System Configurations

In the next step you can verify all settings to finalize database, system and admin user settings.

final configurations

Final Configurations

The last step is to choose the type of your industry then it will take few minutes to complete the installation.

installation process

Installation Progress
Choose you required CRM modules from the list of its different available features and click on the NExt button to complete the installation.

vTiger Modules

vTiger Modules
That's it, you have completed the web installation setup of vTiger CRM. Now you can see its web dashboard where you can add widgets to customize your dashboard according to your own way.

vTiger CRM dashboard


You can use the VTiger to enhance your marketing campaign creation and management, sales force automation, using the same solid features, benefits and more than those solutions. They support security, inventory and activity management. vTiger is all in one CRM solution that provide the complete solution for managing your users, sales or support department of your industry. Thanks for reading this article and leave your valuable comments or suggestions.

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