diff-so-fancy - Improved Human Readable Format for Git diff

Working on the command line using either git or hub can be quite a bland experience, and often a user can find it difficult when reading diffs. Now, the standard format of git has been replaced by a much better console output utility. Diff-so-fancy is a tool that's used to colourize text and enhance its appearance.

Diff-so fancy improves your diff viewing experience and makes your text output more human-readable, unlike the standard git which appears cryptic. It comes with improved text highlighting and removes the + and – characters that precede diffs. This simplifies copy-pasting your diffs in a cleaner and more readable format and enables you to keep track of file changes with file headers.


For Debian 7  & Ubuntu 17.04

Type the following command into your command line

apt-install npm

This installs NPM which is a Node.js package manager that will enable you to handle JSON files that come bundled in diff-so-fancy. A good example is package.json file that comes zipped alongside other files from GitHub.

Fire up the command below to install diff-so-fancy with npm

 npm install -g diff-so-fancy


/usr/local/bin/diff-so-fancy -> /usr/local/lib/node_modules/diff-so-fancy/diff-so-fancy
└── diff-so-fancy@1.1.1

After installing, simply pipe your Git diffs to diff-so-fancy for an improved diff view.

 git diff --color | diff-so-fancy

Configuring git to use diff-so-fancy

git config --global core.pager "diff-so-fancy | less --tabs=4 -RFX"
git config --global pager.show "diff-so-fancy | less --tabs=1,5 -RFX"

Setting diff-so-fancy colours to colourize diffs

Default colours aren’t always the best and you may opt for more fancier text outputs to improve the appearance of text. Below are some commands that can come in handy to help you achieve this

git config --global color.ui true

git config --global color.diff-highlight.oldNormal "red bold"
git config --global color.diff-highlight.oldHighlight "red bold 52"
git config --global color.diff-highlight.newNormal "green bold"
git config --global color.diff-highlight.newHighlight "green bold 22"

Comparisons between git diff and git diff | diff-so-fancy

git diff
git diff | diff-so-fancy
git diff

In the first image, we see the  ++ and - - characters in line 2, 4 & 5.  In the second image, these characters have been replaced by a simple header thereby enhancing the readability of diffs.

git diff

git diff

Piping git diff to diff-so-fancy

git diff | diff-so-fancy

In the above example, the colorization of diffs enables the developer to keep track of his diffs visually by colour coding.

Wrapping Up

The diff-so-fancy tool main objective is to give a user easier time when checking out diffs. This saves up on time and greatly increases productivity on the part of the developer.

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    • It's a bit silly to use NPM to install diff-so-fancy, it is written in Perl!

      You don't really need much of an installer for it, just copy the files (two files!) into place.


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