Shell Script to Check File Exists

This Shell script helps to check if the specified file exists under a given path. The script will prompt you to provide a file name and directory path.

Shell script to check file exists

When writing shell scripts, you may find yourself in a situation where you need to perform an action based on whether a file exists or not. The following script helps to check whether the file exists under a directory.

#We tell user that he need to enter filename
echo -n "Please enter file to check: "
#We write filename to variable file
read file
#We tell user that he need to enter path to file
echo -n "Please enter path to check: "
#We write path to variable path
read path
#we check if we have read permission on path
if [ -r $path ]
#if we have read permissions, we check if file exist
if [ -f ${path}/${file} ]
#if file exist, we tell user
echo "File ${path}/${file} exist"
#end of if loop
#if we don't have read permissions on path
#we warn user that we don't have read permissions on path
echo "You don't have access to folder $path"

Script Output

test@server:~$ ls /tmp
haze-MsFUwz qtsingleapp-homeye-aeea-3e8
MozillaMailnews qtsingleapp-homeye-aeea-3e8-lockfile
pulse-2L9K88eMlGn7 ssh-UP2NOLoESr17
pulse-PKdhtXMmr18n unity_support_test.0

test@server:~$ ./
Please enter file to check: unity_support_test.0
Please enter path to check: /tmp
File /tmp/unity_support_test.0 exist

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