fkill - Interactive Tool to Kill Processes in Linux

In this guide, I'll demonstrate how you can use fkill-cli to easily kill a process on Linux. fkill-cli is a command line tool written in Nodejs which makes process management on Linux, macOS, and Windows simpler. It provides a guided way to kill a running process with support for a search to easily filter process by name.

Unlike the kill command and any other Unix/Windows process manager, fkill-cli is fast, with little resource usage and no hassle of piping your ps command output to filter processes and manually copying process ID to use with the kill command.

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Installing fkill-cli on Ubuntu 16.04

The main dependency required by fkill is Nodejs. First, install Nodejs on your Ubuntu server by running the commands:

$ curl -sL | sudo -E bash
$ sudo apt-get install -y nodejs
$ npm -v

After Nodejs is installed, you should have npm command which you can use to install fkill.

# npm install --global fkill-cli
/usr/bin/fkill -> /usr/lib/node_modules/fkill-cli/cli.js
+ fkill-cli@4.1.0
added 141 packages in 17.373s

Installing fkill-cli on CentOS

To install nodejs on CentOS, run the commands

# curl --silent --location | sudo bash -
# yum install gcc-c++ make
# yum -y install nodejs

Then install fkill-cli

# npm install --global fkill-cli
/usr/bin/fkill -> /usr/lib/node_modules/fkill-cli/cli.js
+ fkill-cli@4.1.0
added 141 packages in 17.373s

Installing fkill-cli on Arch Linux

These commands will install both nodejs and fkill tool:

# pacman -S nodejs npm
# npm install --global fkill-cli

Using fkill command

Starting fkill is just a matter of typing the command fkill on the terminal.

$ fkill


$ fkill [<pid|name|:port> …]

Options supported:

--force -f Force kill
--verbose -v Show process arguments

Running the command without arguments defaults to the interactive interface. Note that the process name is case insensitive.

Press <Enter>

You should get a list of running processes on the system. Use top/down arrow keys to navigate through the list.

The selected process will be highlighted in green. Pressing enter|return key on a selected item will kill the process.

You can also do quick filtering by typing few characters of the process.

Examples of killing process with name/ID

Fkill supports process name and process ID as arguments.

$ fkill 1337 # Kill a process with ID 1337
$ fkill safari # Kill safari process
$ fkill :8080 # Kill a process using port 8080
$ fkill 1337 safari :8080 # Kill process with ID 1337, named safari and one using port :8080

To kill a port, prefix it with a colon. For example: :8080.


I hope you like fkill command line tool. It's a better way to kill OS processes without typing long commands or having to remember process names. The fact that you can still use process IDs and names with the command makes it a full replacement of Linux kill/pkill command line tool.

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