15 Best Free Steam Games you can Play on Ubuntu Linux

Hello and welcome. Today we are talking about Linux gaming. Thanks to Valve, things are a lot better than it used to be, and Steam has very big collection of games that work on SteamOS or any other Linux distribution that has Steam installed. So we are going to use Ubuntu 16.04 to install and review free steam games for Linux. Free as in beer, they are not open source.

How to Install Steam

Installing steam on Ubuntu is easy enough. If you have Intel or AMD GPU, drivers are already in the kernel. If you have NVIDIA GPU you would need to install proprietary drivers. After that we move to installation of steam.

First thing to do is adding the multiverse repository, where the steam package is located

sudo add-apt-repository multiverse

Then uptade the source list

sudo apt update

Then install steam

sudo apt install steam

Accept the EULA


After that we can click the Ubuntu icon on in the top left corner and search for Steam. First start will give you something akin to this

steam first start update

It will update the steam and we can move to downloading and playing the games.

1. Empires Mod

Empires Mod is Fists Person Shooter with elements of Real Time Strategy, based on the source engine. Entering the game you choose between two teams, so-called "empires" which have bases on different ends of the map. Your goal is to conquer enemy base. You can buy weapon, vehicles like tanks. Game is most interesting when played in multiplayer with your friends or with strangers over the internet. One of players can choose to be strategist, and he will not be on the map with a gun, instead he will place buildings from above as other players conquer checkpoints on the map


You can download the game from Steam Store free of charge, but not free as in freedom as game is not open source

2. War Thunder

War Thunder allows you to have realistic 3D air battles with vintage planes from WW2 or ground battles with tanks. It is created by Russian Gaijin Entertainment  game studio and it is free to play. By playing you unlock research points for upgrading your planes and thanks, and if you want to upgrade faster you can pay with real money. The screenshot bellow is with minimum graphics settings, on maximum game looks much better but I currently have only Intel HD3000 graphics at my disposal.

war thunder

The game gets updated pretty often and it is in my humble opinion the best Steam game for Linux that can be played freely. It can off course be downloaded from Steam Store.

3. Unturned

Unturned is survivor sandbox game similar to Minecraft. In Unturned you one of few survivors of Zombie epidemic and your quest is to survive in the runs of human world as zombies advance. The game is not very demanding, you can play it with fairly old hardware and off course you can download it from steam store.

Unturned game

This is screenshot from tutorial part of the game.

4. Zombie Defense

Another game about zombies, in Zombie Defense zombies come in waves and you need to recruit team members who will shot them. Every wave you survive brings you money and for that money you can upgrade weapons and train recruits for better efficiency in destroying zombies. You move your recruits by clicking on green circles but you get most experience points by having the recruit in yellow circle. Every level has fixed number of waves that need to be survived in order to pass the level, but if you are confident that you can survive more you can play more waves for more money.

zombie defense

5. Transmissions: Element 120

This game is single player campaign based on Half Life. On the start of the game your are spawned in a train without weapon and when you exit train you are on train station. You would need to enter anther train to get crowbar to be able to continue trough this door that are on bellow screenshot

element 120

After that it is pretty classic FPS with venomous spiders and other things you would expect from Half Life engine.

6. Robocraft

Robocraft is a game where you make your very own battle vehicle from blocks and parts you buy for points. After you get points by playing matches against other people who also create their vehicle. Every damage you take during battle knocks off some cubes from your vehicle, so you might lose ability to steer or shoot of you get too much damage. Every damage you do to other side will get you pints you can exchange for cubes.


7. Dota 2

Dota 2 is popular Multiplayer online battle arena game (MOBA) made by Valve. You enter the arena as one of 5 heroes on the team and your goal is to destroy the base of the other side. Between your and enemy base there are lots of towers which need to be captured. The base is called an Ancient, and DOTA actually means Defense of Ancients.


8. Dragons and Titans

Dragons and Titans is another Multiplayer online battle arena game. It is very fast paced and goal of the game is to free your Titan that is held in custody by enemy team. For every battle you chose a dragon and a weapon to use. Every battle win gives points you latter can use to hatch new dragons or upgrade weapons. Game is free to play but you can buy things in game also for real money in addition to points.


9. Regeria Hope

Regeria hope is visual novel in which you take the role of young female lawyer Regeria Hope. Your duty is like for any lawyer to prove your client innocent, using logic and reasoning. That is not always easy even when the evidence is on side of your client, the client himself might not be. For example first case that is assigned to Regeria is defending a guy who is accused of killing his wife on the wedding day. If you don't prove him innocent, he is getting the death penalty, and even though everything seems like he did not do it, he would like to see his wife again so he does everything he can to get convicted.


10. Adventure Capitalist

Adventure Capitalist is a parody at capitalism and entrepreneurship. You start as lemon seller and grow your business on earth until you have enough money to fund a mission to Moon. Then you expand your business empire to Moon and you start saving money for Mars, so you could sell various stuff to Martians as well. For your business to really blossom, you need Angel Investors. You can get them for real money by paying the game makers, or you can just virtually sell your business.

After you sell your business you will start over from lemons again, but your access to Mars and Moon will stay. You will also need to start from scratch there also. But, having angel investors will easily help you active many times the profits you had before you sold your business. Until you sell out again and get more angel investors. There is no end to this game.

adventure capitalist

11. No more room in hell

When there is no more room in hell, the dead will walk the earth. This is another game with Zombies. Based on source engine, this game is predictable enough - you need to fight your way trough zombie onslaught and don't let them eat your brain

no more room in hell

12. Age of Conquest IV

Age of Conques is turn based strategy game similar to board game of Risk. It start with dawn of Rome and your goal is to fight your way to the world domination.


13. Pirates, Vikings and Knights II

Pirates Vikings and Kinghts II is first person action game where you chose one of three teams and have skirmish against other two. It is based on Source engine and features multiple game modes.

pirates vikings and knights

14. Double Action: Boogaloo

Double Action is the First Person Shooter that is somewhat similar to some of the scenes of Matrix movie. You can dive, sweep, slow time and off course you have multitude of weapon available


15. Team Fortress

And for the end we have Team Fortress, which is Valve's most popular free First Person Shooter (FPS) game. It is most highly rated free game on Steam and I don't think it needs a special introduction.

team fortress


So we have here 15 games you can play on Linux free of charge. Linux gaming at 0 dollar price point is pretty interesting, but if you could spare some dollars and go for the paid games you will be even more satisfied. Make sure that you use Linux when buying games. That adds to Valve stats for Linux which could mean more ports coming our way. Thank you for reading, and have a nice day.

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  1. I have anything to say?
    yeah is 2017 I have a kick ass video card
    I hate microsoft so I try to switch to linux
    but I can't play the latest video games on the market
    because there is not a GPU driver
    because the games in general are been develop to run on windows or mac
    so three options
    1) give up on the latest games the market can offer
    2) give up on linux and go back to windows and be a digital slave for microsoft
    3) I give all above and get a new hobby
    I'm really considering the option 3 right now

  2. Ati or NVIDIA? ive found that nvidia driver suport is great, try ubuntu it does a better job at findinfg the drivers than windows


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