Goodbye ExpertsLogIn - Welcome LinOxide

It's time to say goodbye to expertslogin and we are glad to welcome Linoxide, the new innovative website for all open-source and Linux users around the world to learn and share. Expertslogin was started in 2006 as an open-source forum and later changed to a blog website. We assured to bring you opensource world news and developments. Why we are moving? To answer in simple we are looking to have a new branding as "LinOxide" and referring ourselves as "Expert"login is no longer transparent and authentic.

We are on a brand new logo to represent LinOxide

linoxide logo

Expertslogin in loving memory, find our old preview

expertslogin preview

Moving our site from to isn't the only big change happening today. As part of this rebrand, our social accounts and other important resources are also changing a bit.

You can now find us on the Twitter account @LinOxide
You can reach LinOxide Facebook page at Linux Technical Page

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