How to Install Google Fonts in Ubuntu

Fonts are very important when it comes to creating nice websites and projects that look good in the eyes of a reader. I prefer to read the online content I like in a nice specific style and average size, but not all the websites and blogs use the same fonts.

Some of them use horrible fonts and to me it seems that they don't care much about their appearance in the online world.

Or maybe they do, but they don't know much about tech. Not everyone in this world is like me and you that like to explore Linux machines all day.

To make sure your websites look nice and shiny Google offers the GoogleFont library which comes with many beautiful fonts that you can use for free in your own projects.

I am very sure that you will find all the best fonts in GoogleFonts and the good thing is that you don't have to pay any money for downloading them and using offline.

You can easily download and use the fonts offered by Google directly from their official website, but the purpose of this article is to teach you how to install them in your Ubuntu Linux machine.

Linux geeks will love the method I will share here on how to install fonts from the GoogleFonts library in Ubuntu Linux machines.

How to Install Google Web Fonts in Ubuntu

The program that will help us to search, browse, and download Google webfonts for off-line use is called TypeCatcher and it is developed by Andrew Starr-Bochicchio.

This open-source app can do the followings:

  1. Preview fonts with adjustable size and text
  2. Search Fonts by name
  3. Download fonts
  4. Install/Uninstall fonts in our computer
  5. Search fonts description directly from the website

I find TypeCatcher very useful because it basically automates everything, after it has downloaded the specified font from Google's website I don't need to manually install it.

TypeCatcher does it for me.

You can easily install TypeCatcher in Ubuntu Linux systems via the ppa. The following commands will help you to install this amazing font program in your own machine.

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:andrewsomething/typecatcher
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install typecatcher

After the installation is finished you can easily launch TypeCatcher by going to Applications, Accessories and then TypeCatcher.

It has a very cool user interface that is simple and has very nice colors. On the top right of the tool you can use a search box to perform searches for your favorite fonts that you want to download and install in your machine.

The following screenshot shows exactly what to do in order to search for fonts in the TypeCatcher program.

search google font
Type font name to search

After you have found the font you like click on the Download button and TypeCatcher will automatically download and install the font for you.

If the installation goes successful you will get a notification that your font was installed like shown in the following picture.

Preview of  font
installed and preview the font

But let's say that you want to uninstall a font from your Ubuntu Linux machine, can TypeCatcher help you to do that?

Yes it can. Just select the font you want to uninstall and click on the Trash button so TypeCatcher can automatically uninstall the font for you.


In this article, you learned how to install google web fonts in Ubuntu Linux by using the TypeCatcher program, but you can also download and install the fonts manually by double-clicking on them just like you execute executable files.

But to be honest with you guys I like to automate things and keep the stuff very organized. When it comes to searching, downloading, installing and uninstalling fonts in my machine TypeCatcher is the only tool I need.

The simple user interface, very easy to use and fast. The last thing I want to say before ending this article is: It works like a charm.

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