GRV - A Tool to View Git Repo from Linux Terminal

GRV is an opensource tool to display git repository on Linux terminal. This tool provides screens to view refs, branches and diffs in separate tabs. The behaviour and style can be customized through configuration. A query language can be used to filter refs and commits. In this article, I will show GRV features and installation steps on Ubuntu 16.04.

Features of GRV

  • Have UI that allows monitoring repository changes
  • Custom tabs and splits can be created to view Ref, Commit, Diff, Git status.
  • In vi editor keybindings is in default and can't be customized but in this case keybindings can be customized.
  • Themes can be customized. Currently, it has 3 built-in themes are available solarized, classic & cool.
  • We can use any hex colors which are comfortable for us and GRV supports 256 colors.
  • A query language can be used to filter commit and refs.

Installation of GRV On Ubuntu 16.04

In my case, I'm installing into the following directory.

$ cd /home/anonsurf/Desktop

Before downloading grv file & main grv executable file, make sure that cmake is installed on your system otherwise errors can occur during the installation process. Note - we are installing cmake to build libgit2.

$ sudo apt-get install cmake

After installing cmake is done.

So first we need to install grv from git for installing grv type the following command.

$ git clone

After clone is done just goto grv directory by typing following command

$ cd grv

Download grv executable file. We can use below wget command

$ wget -O grv

Now give the permission to it for execution for that type the following command.

$ chmod +x ./grv

Now the grv is granted for the execution. So the whole downloads are completed now just run grv by typing following command.

$ ./grv

Now the grv is executed and we're done with the installation of GRV tool.

grv tool
grv history tab view

You can refer grv documentation for more information. Thanks for your time reading this article and let me know your comments on GRV tool.

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