Can apt-proz bash script , an Alternative to apt-get

I use the Advanced Package Tool to install, update and remove software in my Ubuntu machine, but I also like to experiment with different package managers and study their features. apt is a front end tool for the debian package manager dpkg which is at the base of every Debian based distro. We use dpkg to install, remove and find information about .deb packages. I find it very useful when it comes to installing single .deb files.

I am very sure that terminal users are very familiar with commands such as apt-get install, apt-get update or apt-get remove. apt-get install, is used to install a new package; apt-get update to update the index list and apt-get remove to remove a package.

Why is apt very useful to me? It is because it manages my software, it cares about package dependencies, has a very friendly beautiful syntax and automates everything. I don't have to worry about anything. But how fast is it? Not so fast when compared to apt-proz which is a shell script with the intention of accelerating the speed of apt-get downloads. It is maintained in a PPA by Damar Riyadi and can be easily installed via the terminal by using the following commands.

Adding the ppa to our machine.

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:tahutek-team/prozilla

Update the local index.

sudo apt-get update

Install apt-proz

sudo apt-get install prozilla apt-proz

After I performed so many tests with the apt-proz tool I cam to the conclusion that it works faster than apt-get and it saved me alot of time. Time is priceless!

How is this possible?

Prozilla is the key to this answer. apt-proz makes use of this download program that makes multiple connections to different servers and download the all file in small pieces so the download will speed up, resulting in a download faster than the one with a single connection. It makes sense, doesn't it?

Some Information On Prozilla Download Program

Accelerate the download! This is the Prozilla download program mission. You can easily download the same file in parts from several servers at once to increase the speed and make use of your entire bandwidth. Do you like to experience a 200% to 300% improvement in your file downloading speeds? Then use the prozilla download accelerator. For people that don't like to use commands and play with the terminal, ProzGUI comes in help. I have to mention that Prozilla is also a very intelligent download program. The fact that it can perform searches for finding other sites that have the same file, ping them for connection speeds and download from the fastest source means alot to me. The followings are the files used by Prozilla.


The global config file


The per-user config file


A file which can be used to provide ProZilla with hosts, accounts and passwords


How to use apt-proz

If you know how to use apt-get then you will feel very comfortable when working with apt-proz because most of the commands are the same (at least commands I have worked with). For example, to install a package, we use the apt- proz install command. It is very similar to apt-get install. By using this analogy we can find out the following commands. Install a package:

sudo apt-proz install package-name

Remove a package:

sudo apt-proz remove package-name

Update the system:

sudo apt-proz update

Upgrade the system:

sudo apt-proz upgrade

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