A good lot of Android Apps for Linux Geeks

You follow our technical blog to learn more about linux and get real life skills and we are very happy to help you out. In this article I will share a list of Android apps that suit the requirements of many linux people. I own an android device and I have to say that is very cool and fun to play with the following android applications.

Get Hacker Skills with the Unix & Linux Command Reference App

The Unix & Linux Command Reference is a small free application that provides full offline content to linux and unix commands. I recommend this app to anyone that is learning linux or is looking to move his/her skills to the next level.

android apps for linux people

The application will also help you with information about the Vi text editor and will explain to you how linux works.

Do you want to learn about Ubuntu, Fedora or Solaris? Then download the app here.


Omg!Ubuntu! is the leader website in bringing you the latest news about the Ubuntu linux distribution. I am an Ubuntu geek and this app is a must for me, I have installed it in my own android tablet and it works like a charm.

android apps for linux people

The Omg!Ubuntu! app helps me with the followings:

I can read articles offline.
I get notification for new articles published on the website.
I can star articles for later reading.

All Ubuntu users and geeks should have this app in their android device. It is free and will force you to be a smarter person by getting notifications for great articles.

Get it here.


If you are a linux geek, then you have probably heard about SSHDroid which is a SSH server implementation for android.

android apps for linux people

Do you like to edit your files on your android device from the terminal? Now you can. The SSHDroid application will let you connect to your android directly from your linux machine.

The app is free and has no ads, but if you like it and want more features you can upgrade to the pro version.

Download SSHDroid here.

Unleash Your Inner Geek With Android Terminal App

I love the Android Terminal app. It makes me feel like I am working in my Ubuntu terminal.

android apps for linux people

Running the ls command in my tablet, what a feeling!

This open source app is free and very powerful, but don't try to root your android phone. Hehehe! You won't be able to do it!

You can get Android Terminal here.

Control Your Computer From Your Smartphone

Have you ever tried to control your linux machine from your android device? The bVNC free application will help you to do that from your smartphone or tablet. This secure vnc viwer client will allow you to have multi-touch control over the remote mouse, scroll with a two-finger drag and right-click with Back button.

The bVNC app can be used in View-only mode too. I use this feature to monitor my little cousins when they play games or surf the internet in my Ubuntu machine.

I find this app very useful. You can download it here.

Do you know any cool android app for linux people that I don't know? Please share it with us in the comments so we can try and have fun.

I hope you guys like the list of my android apps for linux users.

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