How to Change Volume Label of USB Stick on Linux

If you are using Windows OS then it is very easier for you because you can simply right click and visit the property page and you are done. But, in case of Linux you have multiple options to rename the drive Label of any USB drive. Let us have a look at some of the options of renaming a drive Label here.

Any device or volume without any label is normally recognized with some generic name by Linux. This becomes very confusing so, that’s why we prefer to give some name to our USB drives or external hard drives.

Change Volume Label from Command Prompt

Whenever we load any device in Linux, we can see its Label in the left side panel. If we are having file system VFAT then we can use mlabel utility. Here, we are going to use mlabel command to change the volume label.

1. First type the mount command to find out the exact location of your USB drive in the system. You should look for a line which reads something like this “/dev/sdc1 on /media/disk .. ….. “

2. This shows that your USB device is sdc1 and it is currently mounted on /media/disk.

3. Now, unmounts that device by using the following command

# unmount /dev/sdc1

4. Now, add a line in a file /etc/mtools.conf file:

Drive p: file=”<Name of our Device>”

Example: drive p: file=”/dev/sdc1”

Here, we can replace any alphabet in place of “p”

5. Next, use the command

# mlabel –i /dev/sdc1 ::<new_label>

Once this command is executed successfully, the name of your USB drive should be changed. Just unplug your drive and plug back the same in and it should be mounted now with new label you had given.

Note: If we want to change the volume label of EXT2 or EXT3 partition then we can use e2label utility.

Graphical Method to change the volume label

1. For this method we need software gparted. If you don’t have it you should install it.

2. Now, open that software as root user and select your USB drive from menu gparted  devices

3. Unmount the device if it is not. This is done by simply right clicking on it.

4. Once the device is unmounted right click on it and select the option Label and change it whatever you want to keep. Now, apply the changes by clicking on Edit  Apply All Operations.

5. Now, the label of your USB drive should be changed.

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