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Taking screenshots in Linux is as easy as pressing the "print screen" key on the keyboard. But how about taking a screenshot of a specific area such as a window, or more specifically a menu? A lot of careful cropping might be needed for the same. But with shutter, you don't have to worry much about it. Except taking screenshot of a menu, shutter provides a number of features.

Capture screens with shutter

Shutter allows you to take screenshots in a number of ways specified here. The top menu of shutter allows you to take screenshots of various things in your desktop.

Capture a rectangular area

Select the rectangular selection tool from the toolbar below the menu. Now you can select any rectangular area to be captured. As soon as you select the area to be captured, an image is stored and now you can edit it by clicking on the top 'edit' button in the toolbar.

linux screenshot

Capturing the whole desktop

Next, you can choose to capture the whole desktop by clicking the desktop button.

Download shutter

Capturing a window

Similarly a window can be selected to be captured.

Window Disk Utility

Capture selection of a window

You can also select a section of a window. A child window can be selected by moving the mouse over it. For example, the downloading window of the synaptic package manager.

Selection Window

Capturing a menu or cascading menu

A menu or a cascading menu can also be captured from any application. For example, here we have captured the GNOME main menu. You need to activate the menu for capturing. The screenshot is taken after 10 seconds.

Menu shutter linux

Capturing a tooltip

Even a tooltip can be captured using shutter. Again, you are given 10 seconds to highlight the tooltip.


Capture Panels

That’s not it; you can even capture the panels (top and bottom panel in GNOME and other Desktop Environments):

Bottom Edge Panel

Thus using shutter, you can take screenshots of almost all the things on your desktop.

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