How to use PeaZip as a Multi Purpose Archive Manager

PeaZip is an open source file and archive manager that can handle several file formats such as Bzip2, 7z, ZIP, TAR, XZ, WIM and several other types.

To get PeaZip, download PeaZip for linux 64 bit and PeaZip for linux 32 bit respectively.

Note: If you are using gnome download the GTK2 version and if you are using KDE download Qt version. Ensure also that you download for the correct platform, the 32 bit version will report errors of missing libraries in a 64 bit platform.

64 bit platform Error

For the sake of convenience download the portable version, that does not need to be installed. Extract it and double click on the executable file. Alternatively open a terminal and change to the directory the executable is located:

For example:

$ cd ~/Downloads/peazip_portable-5.2.2.LINUX.x86_64.GTK2

$ ./peazip

PeaZip offers much more than just opening and creating archives, it can act as a file manager or even an image manager. To toggle between any of these three modes click on the + at the top right corner.

PeaZip File Manager

As a file manager peazip gives you similar options to other similar tools like nautilus and nemo, where you can rename, copy, paste and rename files. Moreover you can find duplicates of files, enabling you to efficiently use your disk space.

PeaZip File Manager

PeaZip Image Manager

PeaZip image manager allows you to transform, rotate or crop an image. A great convenience when you just want to manipulate images and archive them before sending to a friend.

PeaZip Image Manager

PeaZip Archive Manager

PeaZip in archive mode gives you several options. If you are planning to sell your computer you can securely delete files on your hard disk, in a way that will make it difficult for data recovery software to recover your information. However, for sensitive data consult an IT specialist near you.

Secure Delete With PeaZip

Encrypt Archives

To encrypt your archive, go to File menu on the top left corner and choose create archive option. Drag and drop the files you want to archive on to the PeaZip window. This is also the same procedure you would use for unencrypted archives.

To encrypt archive the formats supported are 7Z and ARC. Click on the Enter password/key file option, enter a password and optionally a key file. A green line will appear at the bottom of the window if the password is strong and a red line if you choose a weak password.

Click OK after entering your password then click OK on the main window to create your encrypted archive.

Create Encrypted 7Z

PeaZip now creates the archive. When the archive is being created you can pause the process to view the Console option. It will contain the command that was used to create the archive. The password used can also be seen in plain text.

Save this command if you want to write a script to automate this process.

Create An Archive

Decrypt Archives

Once the archive is created, you can open it with Linux Archive Manager, or PeaZip. This compatibility allows you to encrypt archives and decrypt them on a Linux machine that does not have PeaZip installed.

Double click on the archive and Archive Manager will prompt for a password. Enter the password you used to encrypt it and extract your files.

Archive Manger Password Extract

With PeaZip, your limitation is your imagination.

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