How to Install AppImage in Linux

AppImage is format for packaging applications which is self-contained. It is the universal software package format compatible with various Linux distribution. In the traditional system of installing software packages, you need to download, extract and install on various directories of the system. But with the AppImage there is no extraction, no installation, no root permission, you just download the single package, make it executable and run it with a single click. It includes all the compressed image, dependencies, and libraries needed to run the software. Even to uninstall the application, you will just remove the AppImage file.

How to Install AppImage

In this article, I am going to download the AppImage package (with .appimage extension) of a photo editing application Filmulator and show you the process involved. You can also download it from the official page of Filmulator. 

Download Filmulator AppImage Package
Download Filmulator AppImage Package

Now, you need to apply execute permission in the downloaded file. Go to your downloads and right-click on the file and click on 'Properties'.

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Right click on file and click on Properties
Right-click on the file and click on Properties

A window appears. Choose the 'Permission' tab and tick the box 'Execute' as shown in the below picture.

Tick the execute Box
Tick the execute Box

You can make executable from command line also,

$ chmod u+x Filmulator_v0.11.0.AppImage

That's all. Run the application by double-clicking on it. You will see the Filmulator screen as shown below.

launched application from AppImage
launched application from AppImage

How to remove AppImage

To remove AppImage just delete the downloaded file. For example, in our case, we are going to delete Filmulator_v0.11.0.AppImage file.

$ sudo rm -f Filmulator_v0.11.0.AppImage

You can do it from the GUI desktop as well. Right-click on the download file and select 'Move to trash'.


You can find a big lists of apps supporting AppImage format here.

We show you, what is AppImage and how to use it. It is so simple and easy to launch the application with it. Thank you for reading the article.

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