How to Install Blizzard Battlenet App on Linux

Install Blizzard APP Linux

In this article, we'll walk you through how to install Blizzard app on Ubuntu 18.04 Desktop to enjoy terrific gaming experiences. Blizzard Entertainment is a gaming software Company that was established in 1994 and focusses on the creation of high quality and very enjoyable video games.

Blizzard video games are massively popular and  Some of Blizzard's video games include

  1. Hearthstone
  2. Heroes of the Storm
  3. Overwatch
  4. Diablo
  5. StarCraft

First, we need to install dependencies and then we need to install Wine. Wine is an application that allows you to run Windows applications in a Linux environment.

Installing Dependencies

To achieve this run,

$ sudo apt install wine-development winbind winetricks

Alternatively, you can decide to go with the staging technique as follows

Download the release key

$ wget -nc

Add the key

$ sudo apt-key add Release.key

Add the repository

$ sudo apt-add-repository ''

Update the sources list

$ sudo apt update

Finally, install wine

$ sudo apt install --install-recommends winehq-staging winbind winetricks

Configuring Winetricks

Next, we need to configure Winetricks to make it easier to run application. To open winetricks run

winetricks --gui

The configuration pop-up will be displayed as shown

install Blizzard

In the next Window, select 'Select the default wineprefix' option

install Blizzard

In the next Window, you'll be prompted whether you would like wine to send statistics reports to wine developers. You can either opt in or out.

install Blizzard

Next, select 'Install a font' option.

install Blizzard

This will open a list of fonts you can choose from. Scroll down and select 'corefonts' and hit 'Ok'

install Blizzard

You'll be taken back to the first Window, and this time select 'Install a Windows DLL or component' and click 'Ok'

install Blizzard

In the next Window, check off ie8 (internet explorer 8) and vcrun2015 options and click 'Ok'

install Blizzard
install Blizzard

A few bug notifications will be displayed, but don't worry, just close them.Thereafter, installation of corefonts will begin

After all is done, run the command below to configure Wine


This pops open a Window. You need to tell Wine to run as Windows 7. In the 'Windows Version' combo box at the bottom, select 'Windows 7' option as shown below. Click 'Apply' then 'Ok'

install Blizzard

The final stage will be installing

Install Blizzard App

Finally, head out to Blizzard's Download Page and click on 'Download for Windows' to download the Windows installer.

Install Blizard

Save the executable file

To install the executable file, launch your terminal and run the command below

$ wine64 ~/Downloads/

The setup will commence with the initialization process and prompt you to choose a language. Select your preferred language and click on 'Continue'

Install Blizzard

The installation steps are simple and easy to follow. Just click on what is appropriate

Install Blizzard

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And now you finally have Blizzard games installed on your system. Be sure to check the System requirements for specific games, for instance, Overwatch cannot play on Vanilla Wine.

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