Check Hardware Infomation Using HardInfo on Ubuntu Linux

HardInfo is a system profiler and benchmark tool used in Linux to check hardware information. HardInfo parses some files in /proc and displays their information in a graphical window. You may also check CPU temperature using this tool.

In this tutorial I will show how to check hardware information by install hardinfo on Ubuntu Linux.

Install HardInfo on Linux

Run the following command to install hardinfo in your Linux machine.


$ sudo apt-get install hardinfo
how to get hardware system information in ubuntu

Arch Linux

On Arch Linux you can find hardinfo in community repo.

$ sudo pacman -S hardinfo

How to get hardware information using hardinfo

Run the following command from the terminal to display hardware information on GUI.

# hardinfo
how to get hardware system information in ubuntu
hardinfo summary
Hardinfo hardware summary
hardinfo boot info
Hardinfo boot info
hardinfo gui processor information
Processor information
hardinfo - memory information
Memory information
hardinfo - input devices
Input devices information
hardinfo - hard disk information
hard disk information
Using hardinfo tool Interface details
Interface details
hardinfo - cpu sensors
Hardinfo - cpu sensors


In Linux there are different commands available display hardware info but in this tutorial we learned about 'hardinfo' tool. I hope you enjoyed reading and please leave your comments in the below comment section.

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